The Girls
This was taken on June 22, 2004, at Michele's house, by another mom in my playgroup (Andrea I think), and she was kind enough to share it. From the left are, Lindsay, Jillian, Kerris, and Olivia.
The Girls What's So Fascinating? Andrea And Kerris Say Hi! Ok, I'm Done Swinging. Nipple Head Man I Think I Crawled! Mmmmmm, cheerios She's Out Of The Swing! Olivia and Michele A Little Fuzzy Kerris, Andrea, Lisa, and Keifer Lisa and Keifer Did You See That?! Amy and Maddy Tia Tia Again! Tia Snapped A Bunch Of Tia! Danielle's Cuties Danielle's Girls Rachel and Hazel Rachel and Hazel Rachel and Hazel Stephen - Bundle Of Joy Stephen - Basket Baby Stephen Kealoha and Stephen Monica And Her Munchkin Lindsay Getting Bored What do I want for Christmas... Toast Makes Lindsay Happy Lindsay Loves Toast Holiday Party! Jenna and Hannah Jana, Andrea, and Kerris Michele, Olivia, and Hannah Lindsay and Olivia