Portland Childrens' Museum
Waiting for Auntie Peggy, Nikolai, and Gabriel to come have fun!
Portland Childrens' Museum Silly Little Man Ok, Can We Go In Now?! Fun With Clay Auntie Peggy's Um....Worm? Weeee're Off To See The Wizard... Water Time Rubber Ducky Bath Time Cousins Stainless Steel Bliss Auntie Peggy Rescues Emery Auntie Love Hidden In A Colorful Tubing Ju... Drip Drip Drip So Cool! Feels Neat Loosing The Apron Another Ducky Shower Cool Fountain I Think It's Clean Cousin Lindsay Having So Much Fun Drive Through Window No I Wanna Wash The Dishes Playing In The Diner Loading Up With Groceries Diggin' Time! Busy Busy Who, Me? I TOLD You, No More Pictures Bury The Rock Empty Bucket Bob The Builder Little Construction Worker How The Heck Does This Thing W... Busy Building Huge Hand Girl Captive Upstairs Queen Of The Bridge Yes, That's Lindsay In The Boat And Nikolai Driving The Boat Waiting For Lindsay To Emerge Under Siege Little Cabin In The Woods... Sleepy Girl Balls Are Cool! Focused Artists Gabey The Lion, Or Something Musicians Xylaphone Bridge Fun Day At The Museum