New Patio Set!
Here are Barney and Lindsay, enjoying our new patio set on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Ah, the perks of Daddy working from home. :)
New Patio Set! Charming Peacock Checking Out The Bird Ooooooo, Ahhhhhhhh I'm A Monkey Too Mommy! Resting Tall Birds! No, Smile At ME, Not Her But I Don't Wanna Smile Well, Almost Everyone's Smiling Monitoring The Monitor Two Heads Are Better Than One This Is What An Alligator Does Crouching Toddler, Hidden Baby So Cute Tree Kangaroo Bars And Stripes Look Carrie, There Are Two! They're Finally Outside! Taller Than Mommy! Hi Hippos! Hippo Heinies! Cute Witto Ducks! Counting The Ducks Elephant Family Ridem Hippo Girl! Stroller Partners Chasing Her Shadow And Her Shadow Chasing Her! Phew, Safe Cute, Sad Orangutan Giving Him Some Lovin' Sayin' Hi Almost Everyone's Smiling ;) BIG Fish Neat Turtle Swimming Turtle