OMSI Kiddos
We baby sat Ayden this weekend and took him along with us to OMSI for some fun. They all had a great time exploring and playing together.
OMSI Kiddos Entertaining Themselves He's On the Go! Auntie Chloe's Worst Nightmare! Doggy Pile The Boys And The Girl Uncle Barney In The Fish There's Daddy! Where'd He Go? Supervising Crazy Uncle Barney! OOOOOO, Shiny! In Their Own Little Worlds Who Invited You To Our Little ... Peekaboo! Fun Tunnel Ayden In The Tunnel....Of Course But Where's Emery Going? All Alone Contemplating The Fo... Ayden The Sailor He's On The Move! Emery Joins The Group Time To Go My Little Chipmunk The Boys, Rarin' To Get Out Where's Lindsay? There She Is! Captivated Fun With Rollers Ayden, Don't Eat THAT! Makin' His Way Going Back In Here's Barney! Where'd He Go? There He Is! Loving The Ducky There's Ayden Silly Boys Let Me Through Ayden! DUCK! Where Ya Goin'? Here He Comes To Save The Day! Climbing The Duck I Have An Elk! Playing In the Stream Gathering The Animals My Other Sweet Chipmunk Is That Not Adorable? Off To Find More Acorns Ayden The Chipmunk Twin Chipmunks Off He Goes Yummy Acorn! Gimme Five! Little Chipmunks Want In Playing With The Big Boys No No Little Chipmunk, Not The... Warm Welcome Happy In The Nest Pesky Chipmunks ;) Still Resting Come Play With The Eagles! Crawl By Kissing! Here Comes Ayden! Lindsay And I At The Fair Burying Herself Alive Daddy Lends A Hand A Happy Burial