Dueling Cars
Dueling Cars Lindsay Slides Nanna And Grandma Gail Stand G... Wheeee! Here She Comes And Emery Too Run Forest! Noooooo! Everett, Emery, and Lindsay Crazy Girl! Cheese! Everett's Beautiful Blue Eyes Watch Out Everett! Ayden And Emery Spotter Go Lindsay! The Kiddos Everett, Ayden, emery, and Lin... And Auntie Chloe! J.U.M.P. So Tricky Resting Suspended Bracing for Impact Nanna Joins In Poser Here I Come! Peekaboo! Time To Go Lindsay With the Piglets Whoa! Petting The Cows Playing Barnyard Instruments Digging In The Corn Corn Princess Falling Corn Digger Boy Watering With Corn See? Ayden Found A Truck The Boys Hard At Work In Their Own Little Worlds Do The Hula Hula Hoops Look At My Arm Tattoo! And Mine! Fill It With Regular Snakes! Balloon Ride Unsure Ayden's REALLY Not Sure Smiley Woosh! Eyes Closed Helicopter Kids! Emery Getting Nervous Lindsay Comforting And Now It's All Good Round 2 Whee! So Fun Cool Dudes Ayden Finally Getting Into It So Fun!!!! Ha Ha Ha! Isn't This The COOLEST?! Scream Of Delight Barney Experimenting... Stop Taking Pictures Of Me! Let Me Try Daddy! Dancing Queen Sweet Boy Hmmmmm Emery And Momma Hiking In The Woods Daddy And Lindsay Jumping Out ... Trekking Surprised Giant Tree! Old Old Tree There They Go Cheese In the Trees! Mushrooms Emery Points Out the Mushrooms Uncle Patrick Tries To Get Ayd... Another BIG Tree Another Mushroom! View From The Trail Winding River Forest Fairy Cool Natural Tree Arch Towering Trees Chillin' On The Beach Treasure Hunt Beach Bum Peace Log Bench Why Doesn't My Swing Move Aunt... Wasssuuuuuup Barney's Weird Artistic Shot Window Washers Wipe Wipe Wipe The Bear Has To Help