Time To Scoop
Time To Scoop So Happy Together... Action Shot Of Iain Digging To China Nikolai And Emery Very Focused Bein' Silly Momma And Emery Playing Good Digging Aunt Joanne And Uncle Tom On A... Castle Builders One Piece And.... Ta Da! Fun Stuff And Another One! So Cool! Lindsay And Gabriel Wow! So Exciting Kiddos In Action I'm Siiiiiiinging On The Beach Making A Ring Toss Court Lindsay Helper Girl Gabey Winds Up And THROWS! Land Ho! Wet, Sandy Fun Chillin' On The Beach Washing Her Hands Iain And His Auntie I Think Dodo Might Be A Bit Ch... Joanne Tom Gettin' Ready For the Aerobie Making a Trail Of Slime Goopy Girl Barney's Artistic Sun On The W... Time To Rinse Off! Washing Up Swish Swish Swish Headin' Home Time To Go C'mon Bud Back Up The Dunes Tired Crew Fun Was Had To Memere's Houe We Go... Weary Walkers Sandy Feet