Emery 2 Years
Emery 2 Years Meh. Crazy Momma Tongue Girl Goofball Cousins Nikolai Tries To Hide Grumpy Faces Watcha Gonna Do?! The Tongues Return And Again! Elder Cousins Sweeties Lovey Kiddos Good Friends Donkey Kick! Gabey Joins In! And Nikolai Too! Happy Guy Boisvert Cousins Happy Kids Resting Smilers Turtle Legs Peekaboo! Serious Stuff Drinking Buddies Barney's Pretty Princess Nails And Again! Jerry, Iain, And The Puzzle Fr... Persistance Barney In A Nutshell Smiley E Guess Who? Fresh From The Garden Also Fresh From The Garden Yes, More From The Garden Peeking Around The Corner Snack Time! Partners In Crime Having A Good Time Never Moved From This Spot Heather Pitches In More Snacky Time Squeaker Heaven Squeaker Hat Nikolai He's CRAAAAAAZY! 'Sup. My Sweet Guy Gettin' Sleepy No More Pictures Please Emery Closeup Such A Handsome Child And Another... I See Where They Get It... Sleepy Kids Horsey Rides! HELP! My Face Is Melting!!! Run Away! Iain And Nikolai Ice Cream Time! It's GOOOOOOOOD Yummmm Delish! Jealous Onlookers What're You Looking At? Pepere And Memere Pretty Pepere Ice Cream Beard More Working On The Puzzle They'll Never Give Up Crab Lunch A Messy Endeavor Patience Pays Off