The Overall Club
The Overall Club Blue Jean Band No, This Was Not Planned Wallflower Auntie Time New Dress From Auntie Peggy HA... All The Boy Cousins! Playing Soccer Go Emery Go! Just Playin Around Auntie Peggy Joins The Fun Fun With Sidewalk Chalk Little Artists CHEEEEEEEEEESE! One Seriously Dirty Face Scary Face Silly Coy Face Surprised Dirty Face Beautiful Afternoon Busy Busy Can't Get Enough Of The Chalk Tearing Off His Pants Chalk Hands Body Art A Serious Mess ;) Bottom Art Put Em Up FIRST HAIR CUT! Snip, Snip VERY Exciting Finishing Up Grandma Gail Helps Emery So Much Fun...No....Really... Almost Done Princess Braid With Sparkles!