Emery Challenges The Stick Horse
Emery Challenges The Stick Horse Have At You! Concentration Charge! Smote To The Ground! Ummm, Merry Christmas? Baby It's Cold Outside Winter Prison...I Mean Wonderl... Snow Icy Bush More Icy Plants Setting Out Milk, Cookies, And... Time For Presents! Santa Girl First Present Sticker Book! What'd I Get? Santa Boy Present Drunk Happy Guy Is It A Car??? A New Shirt! Hi Smiley Guy! Lindsay And Her Audience One Of Her Favorite Books Cool New Shirt! Drawing Book Christmas At Auntie Chloe's Opening Presents Focus... The Boys New Hairclips From Auntie Chloe Very Pretty All Three Clips, And A Bow For... Finger Flashlights! Using The Clip As A Noseplug Ayden Rocking It Smurf Style Passing Out Presents Owen's Turn Putting His Back Into It Pretty Hairclips Closeup Picture Doesn't Do Them Justice So Pretty ;) Crazy Hungry Kiddos Getting The Table All Prepared Mmmm, Almost Ready Stealing Auntie Heather's Boots Pretty Proud Of Himself From Behind I'm Stuck!