Mischevious Grin
What have we been up to little miss? You can see the nice welt on her forehead from banging into doors, walls, whatever's in her path really. ;)
Mischevious Grin Chapstick A New Trick No, I won't do it. Action Shot! What's That You Say? Look At Me Go! Wait For Me! Are We Done? Chillin' Another Mischevious Little Grin So Much Fun Mid Spaz-Out! Falling Out Of The Picture I'm Bored A New Tooth! So Many Choices... Pot Of Gold Center Of Attention COOL! Aren't You Gonna Push Me? Love My Car! Big Blue Ball! Crazy Faces You're About To Get Smooched! "NA-NA" Feeding the "Daaaahhhhh" Still Feeding Pre-Ear-Piercing! You're Gonna Do What? Getting Ready Making The Marks All Done! Poor Baby Lollipop! Reading And Sucking Biding My Time Earrings! Close Up Of Earring Other Earring Cheerios Sharing The Bear Hair More Fun With Blocks! Buried Alive! Up On The Hearth Praying For Grapes Mouth Full More Please Can I Have This? Dejected Pepere Can You Turn The Page? All Done Breakfast With Dada Pajama Mamas! Dada Joins The Party Sunday At The Park Action Shot I Got Your Legs! Climbing The Play Structure Going Down! Flogging Your Ovaries Way Up High Wrong Way Bouncy Bridge Huh?! Don't Feed The Animals Too Bright! Off We Go! Why Aren't We Leaving Yet?