Lindsay had quite the time watching planes land as we waited for our flight out of Seattle. All she kept repeating was "Eh-pens...LOUD!"
"EH-PENS!" Another One! Entranced Bath Time For The Boys The Beach Not Too Far... Gloomy Beach It's Cold Throwing Stones Hangin' Out Caaaaareful... If She Gets To Touch It... I Do Too! Playing With The Snails My Precious The House The Farm At French's Point Chillin' Drugged Pepere Welcome! More Swing Yes, Even More Game Of Choice Ping Pong Resting "Eh-Pen Spoon" The Game Room Me And The Kiddos More Ping Pong Coloring Which Color To Use... Ready For A Walk Happy Babies! Fancy Meeting You Here These Boots Are Made For Walking Crazy Mommies Ready For A Nap Beer Pong! Chug Chug Chug Onlookers The Cheering Section Whoa, A Girl!? Silly Monkey Ooooooh, Water. What, We Have To Get Out??!! Fort Knox Big Cannon Lobstah! Wave Hello! Beach Bums Great View Lounge Lizards Exploring The Beach "UP!" Skipping Stones Snail! Beautiful Day Whee! Ready....JUMP! Yummmm. Gimme Five! Father and Son Lunch Time Fun In The Mud "Wummmm" Let's Go Show Memere and Pepere Second Round Someone Sat Down Perhaps? Muddy Bottom Poker Time! She's Bluffing