Thumbs Up!
Lindsay and Barney enjoying a well deserved picnic lunch on the banks of the nearby lake after an afternoon bike ride.
Thumbs Up! Studying The Cheese My Hair Is Bigger Than Yours! On The Banks Closer Shot Waterfalls My Favorite New Toy Chillin' With The Paci Can I Keep It? Mmm Mmm Good Paci-Baby Starting Young Say Cheese! Right Back To It... Play Time! Beautiful Day Come ON Mommy! Lets Go See The Boats Please COME ON Mommy! Picnic Time Sisters Deep In Conversation She Says I Have To Wear Sunscr... Ok, Maybe It's Alright... Packing Up Blowing Kisses BEFORE... Haircut! Hair Closeup Bye Bye Hair Haircut Buddy AFTER! Off To Collect Eggs A Hard Day's Work Big Girl Bed! Lindsay's New Bed New Additions To The Family Their New House The Name Game