The House
This is the huge rental house we stayed in on the coast of Maine. It was beautiful and just large enough to house all 24 of us.
The House The Farm At French's Point Our Room Lindsay's Bed Other Side Of Our Room Our Bathroom View Two Peggy, Justin, Nikolai, and Ga... Another View Other side of their room The Parlor Another View Of The Parlor Other Side Of The Parlor The Kitchen, Looking Into The ... Looking The Other Way In The K... From The Dining Room Into The ... Dining Room Around From Dining Room Into B... Joanne and Tom's Bedroom (I Th... Stairs Between The Parlor And ... Mark and Iain's Room Upstairs Adjoining Office/Sitting Room Part Of Upstairs Bathroom Dodo and Jerry's Room Upstairs Renee and Jame's Room Upstairs... Another View From The Upstairs Looking Down... Entryway/Hallway Stairs To Family Room Family Room Family Room From Other End Other End Of House Upper Level... Jodi, Susan and John's Room (I... Another View Top Of The Stairs Looking Towa... Addy, Sal, Marie, And Michaela... Another View