Emery has become obsessed with this chair in the playroom. He thinks he's the king fo his castle when he crawls on up in here.
Relaxin' Party Girl Playing At The Party Toddle Toddle Sleepy Track Boy Grandma Gail The Party Animal! Ribbon Boy Helmet Worthy! Thanks Auntie Chloe Birthday Boy Fun Toy Fun With Tongues Here Come The Balls! Sharing Back Off The Toy All Mine I'll Help Alligator Boots No Wait, They're DINOSAURS! All Done Sliding On Presents Sitting On Presents Cute Shirt Helping Cool New Bike! Biker Boy The Fam Comandeered Puppy Gabriel In Bag Gabey's Turn Crawling On The Present Tissue Paper! Yucky Paper Happy, happy Girl Party Crowd Tricky Packaging Playing Keep Away C'mon Puppy Handsome Onlooker Dog Snatcher! Everyone Wants A Turn Popular Toy Artist In The Making Captivated Whoaaaa Collecting The Toys Dog Inspector Still Clean! Eat It? Testing It Out Dainty Eater Ready To Dig In Keeping Pretty Clean Clown Cone Time Digging In HELP! My Turn Yummmm Green Dots Are Yummy Too COLD! Silly Kiddos Happy Eater Sharing Their Cones Bang Bang Bang! Decorating Chocolatey Goodness Sugar Low Good Times Tired Boys Uh OH! Poke, Poke Fingerpainting Enjoying With Every Inch Of Hi... Remarkably Clean No Painting Yourself! All Done Happy Birthday Boy Finger Lickin' Good Happy First Birthday Emery!