Joyful Picnic
We headed to Forest Park for a little picnic and playtime, and to let the dog run around in the cool shade.
Joyful Picnic Follow The Leader Lazy Guys Run (in the) Forest....Run! Traveling Blanket Bread In The Ear Lost His Bread There It Is! Little Nibble Let The Breading Recommence! Little Snack What? Wilson Pool Splashing Good Fun Where's Emery?! There We Are! Fountain Fun Reeeeeaaaaching Getting Wet The River There's Mommy! I Can Do It! Blue Lagoon Fountain Freak Queen Of The Fountain Squash The Fountain Sand InThe City Back At The Pool Happy Emery Family Fun! Nikolai Tests The Fountains Little Water Monkeys Gonna Get Ya Auntie Chloe, Ayden, and Grand... Chillin' Out Ready To Go Home Packin' Up After A Fun Day At The Beach Island Captive Why Must You Torture Me So? Walkin' In The Dunes The Long Walk Back Wet Shorts Blueberry Bliss Bluberry Monster YUMMMMMM More Please! Silly Face Putting Dolly Down For A Nap I'm Bathing Here... Concentration Learning To Sit In The Tub Focused Playing Is He Adorable Or What?! Considering His Cup Tub Joy Post Nappy Snuggles Out On The Lawn Ball Girl Bubble Time! POP!