Who Turned Off The Lights?
Emery manages to do this with every hat he wears! Needless to say, I've pretty much given up on hats.
Who Turned Off The Lights? No! Our Special Girl The Great Pumpkin Grumpy Pumpkin Friends Are We Done Yet? Oh No You Didn't! We're Off To See The Wizard! Miss Cleary, et al Drool Pumpkin Orbs of Orange Glee More Orbs of Orange Glee Bundle of the Corn Can I Help You? Tractor Boy, and Carpet Story Time Please Read This Book, Please? Memere, Emery, and the Carpet M, E, and the C, II Weh Graceful As Always A Little Happier Ummmmm, yeaaahhh And Happier Still! Family Story Time Family Nappy Time