Christmas Eve Morning
We opened presents and such the morning of Christmas Eve with Chloe, Patrick, Stuart, and Grandma Gail. Lindsay played Santa for us and had a great time opening gifts.
Christmas Eve Morning Let Me Help Here You Go Mommy Dora! There's More To Open?? Barney Helps Ayden Open a Pres... Oooo, Neat, Clothes Waiting Patiently Whoa! Little Nakey Girl Her Majesty's Throne Funniest Look Ever Auntie Peggy Reading At Memere... Uncle Barney/Daddy Reading To ... Sweetest Book Ever Daddy The Jungle Gym Uncle Justin Reading Fuzzy Lights Chillin Out Christmas Eve The Opening Of The Stockings That's Our Special Girl Nikolai's Front Loader Loading Wrapping Paper Ready To Dump! Sharing Lindsay's Tinkerbell C... Just Doing A Little Light Reading What Do You Mean The Candle's ... Why Are We Getting Helmets? Hmmmmm....Why WOULD We Be Gett... Naked Biker Girl Where Are You Taking Me And Wh... For Our NEW BIKES!!! Bike Riding Fiends Bikin' Babes Look At 'Em Go! Crazy Kids Get This Helmet Off Me! Pepere Shows Them How To Do It! Christmas Gift Cousins Memere And Gabriel Playing With Emery Stroller Time Gimme Five! Tickle Time! Pepere Tickles Gabriel, Or Should We Say Gabr... Cute Pink Boy Apron By Memere Happy Boy Surprised Bath Time At Memere And Pepere's Stocking Stuffers Look, It's Big Now! WOW Fascinated By The Lights Pepere Kisses Headbands From Auntie Peggy Christmas P.J.s Riding In The Fog Fun With Bikes! Whoosh! Here We Go! Down The Driveway Teaching The Fine Art Of Blocks So Many Colors! Pepere With The Kiddos Time To Eat Blocks!