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Best Friends Silly Girls Classmates Puppies At The Pumpkin Patch! Emery Petting A Chick Lindsay, Emery, And Miss Jo So Soft Learning How To Make Apple Cider Taste Testing Yummm Nappy Time For All? Perhaps Not... Learning About Pumpkins Goof Ball The Only One Paying Attention ... I Know I Know! And This Is A Weird Lokking Gr... Petting The Goats Baby Cows Staredown With The Calf Miss Jo, Lindsay, And Natalie ... Emery And Lindsay Head Up The ... Climb Climb Climb Woosh! So Fun! Tough Choices This One Makes Quite A Nice Seat Don't Think About It, This One... Emery Stares Down The Chicken Doesn't Tiffany Look Thrilled ... Singing A Song About Pumpkins Yup, Still Singing Snack Time! Homemade donuts a... More Goats Feeding The Goat A Stick Crazy Climbers