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Weekend At The Coast

We decided last minute on Saturday, to head to Warrenton to visit Memere, Pepere, Aunty Peggy, Nikolai, and Gabriel. And what a great decision it was.

Lindsay had been asking to go visit them all week, so Barney and I caved on Saturday morning (like it’s a hard decision!) and we drove on out and spent the night. Pepere has been hard at work with the “playground” in the sideyard, and you can’t even imagine how much joy it has already brought the kids, and it’s not done! Thank you Pepere for loving your grandkids so much. You can check out the pics of the kidoos playing on the new swings, as well as pics of us all hanging out in the new gallery.

Playgroup at The Museum

We headed to the Children’s Museum this morning with our playgroup.
Working Together To Bury Lindsay Alive It’s a great place to get out of this wonderful Oregon weather. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to snow or just pour with rain today, but it didn’t matter to those of us having fun inside! Go check out the pics of Lindsay, Emery, and some of their friends!

Weekend Away

We headed to the coast this past weekend to kick it with family - Warrenton style. ;) That entails lots of eating, lounging about the house, peace and quiet, playing in the yard, playing in the house, etc. A nice little visit. I took some pics, mostly of the fence line being pushed out to make room for a cool swing to be built between two large trees. Pepere, being the wonderful man that he is, and loving to see the kids playing out there, already built the kiddos a very nice sandbox to play in, which they did. I think he loves playing with them and getting the chance to be a big kid himself! ;) By the time that man is done, the kids will have their own little piece of heaven out there and never want to come home! ;) Hmmmm, I see a hidden plot here…..
Enjoy the few pics I snapped!

The Difference Between Thinking And Doing

Sometimes life sucks, and you get caught in the act of a small, but possibly harmful rule-break. I really feel for the woman I just passed on the highway. There she sat, caught in the act, looking depressed and shamed, basking in the glow of the flashing lights of a police car.

The kiddos and I headed to Costco, and, it being almost 5:00, and Lindsay not having taken her nap once again, sure enough, when we pulled into our parking spot, she was sound asleep. She woke up grumpy, and I actually considered leaving her in the car to nap (it always seems like it’d be easier than either waking them up, or having to deal with a grumpy, crying, screaming kid), but that little voice that always kicks in told me better. I’m too paranoid (by nature) to actually do that. I start going through all of the “what ifs”. What if someone kidnapped them and I came back to an empty car? What if a car careened out of control while I was in the store and smashed into mine? What if Lindsay woke up, figured out how to open the door of the car, and ran into the parking lot looking for me, leaving Emery screaming in his seat with the door wide open? What if, what if, what if? So, in we went to face the shopping crowds, the screaming kids, the long ass checkout lines. It of course took longer than planned, which it always does, and as we headed back to our car to lug the groceries and kiddos in, I noticed that there were two kids sitting in the car next to mine. By themselves. They must have been about the same age as Emery and Lindsay, and I didn’t notice if they were crying, or just sitting peacefully. My guess is their mom did exactly what I had considered, but thought better of. She had pulled up and one or both of the kids were asleep, so she figured she could just run in really quickly and grab the couple things she needed, kid-free.

I then looked to the other side of my car and noticed two ladies just sitting there, one on the phone, and the other loitering around right outside the passenger door. The one already out of the car came over to me as I loaded the groceries and asked, in a very accusing tone, as though I had something to do with the atrocity being committed one space over, “Was that red car there when you pulled in?” I answered her honestly, that no, it hadn’t been. I had been in the store for about 45 minutes, so who knows if the kids had been there that long, or if it had only been 5 minutes. Either way, these two gals were obviously very concerned with such child abuse.

Right as I was getting back into my seat, the mom came running out of the store, hurriedly hopped in to her car, and pulled on out. I was about to pull out as well, when the gals who had been sitting in their car on the other side of me screamed out of their parking spot, following the gal, still talking on the phone, to who I now surmised was the police department, to report this violent criminal of a woman.

Once I finally made my way out of the zoo the Costco parking lot becomes when everyone gets off work, I saw the flashing lights, and knew without even looking that that poor mom had been pulled over. And there sat the car with the other two gals, behind the police car, looking smug and triumphant, having just saved the world. I wrestled between feeling bad for the mom, (as I’ve been in her position, wanting to just run into the store while the kids are napping) and telling myself not to feel bad, as she should have known better. But I felt bad nonetheless. I mean, yes, she shouldn’t have left the kids alone in the car, but the fact that she got a ticket or whatever for that, when she’s actually probably a very loving and caring mother (and this was probably the first time she’s ever left them alone in the car!), while child abusers and molesters and neglectors run free and rampant….it just really irks me. It certainly did reaffirm the fact that I will never leave the kids in the car, even for 2 minutes to run into a store. After all, some self righteous old bitties might be waiting to take me down!

I don’t know, what do you think internet? Did she deserve it?

Another Baby…

Now don’t get all excited! I’m not talking about me.

I officially start my new job, watching baby Stephen, tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. He’s 3.5 months old, and a real cutie. His mom is Kealoha, a good friend of mine here, who is fortunate enough to be able to work from her home office. You can’t get much done in the way of office type work when you have a little infant to take care of though, so Stephen will be hanging out with Lindsay and I from 7:30 to 1:30 every weekday. I’ll definitely take some pictures of the two of them together, and post them here, if I get the ok from his mom.

I now get to see what it’s going to be like to drag two kids around with me to all of our outings! I still plan to try to get out of the house and do all of the MOMS Club stuff we’ve been involved in, it just might take some getting used to with Lindsay in one arm, and Stephen in his car seat, in the other arm! I’m going to be one buff lady.

Buff and very tired. ;)

Merry Has Returned!

I haven’t posted about it, but I’ve talked to several of you over the phone and mentioned that our kitty, Merry, had gone missing for about a week. I thought he was gone for good, and was hoping that someone had just taken him in, and that he was getting food somewhere else, rather than becoming food for all of the coyotes out here!

It was so sad because every time Lindsay and I return home form running errands, Merry would greet us as we got out of the car, and rub on my legs as I unbuckled Lindsay, then we’d sit with him on the front steps for a few minutes and give him some lovin’. Well, this past week, every time we’d get out of the car, poor Lindsay would twist around in my arms, looking down on the ground for Merry. He was no where to be seen, and she was so dissapointed!

Finally, two nights ago, Lindsay and I were playing in the living room and Merry showed up out on the deck! Lindsay was SO excited! She squealed and turbo-crawled over to the sliding glass doors, started banging her hands on them, and Merry playfully batted at her hands through the glass! They were so happy to see each other. I’m convinced he came back for her.

So I think my suspicions were correct, and he’s simply found another place to eat as well as here, so we don’t see him as much. As long as he comes back every once in a while to play with Lindsay, that’s fine, because she absolutely loves him.

Whoa! We’re Back Up!

Some of you may have noticed that the site has been a little angry lately. I was in Portland, and Barney was in D.C. when we learned that no one could get to our site, so we couldn’t do much about it until this week. But here we are….back up and running. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong!

I’m finally catching up on my email and the other sites I like to read daily….it’s amazing how much you can miss even only being away from home for a few days!

Lindsay and I had a wonderful time in Portland with Auntie Chloe and Uncle Patrick. She absolutely loved being lifted out of bed every morning by her auntie, changed, and then brought into my room, grinning from ear to ear, ready for her “breakfast in bed”. ;) I learned after the first morning we were there, that Chloe had taken this “job” of getting Lindsay out of bed in the morning, upon herself. As I stumbled out of my room, I rounded the corner and almost made it Lindsay’s door, when Chloe came shooting out of her bedroom across the hall and said, “Don’t even think about it” as she rushed in to get the munchkin before I could get to her. From then on, I just waited for Chloe to deposit Lindsay in my bed each morning. It was pretty nice really.

We’ll probably head back down around the end of October because my mom will be returning to Portland around then, and we also have to do our yearly corn maze and pick out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It should be fun getting to share the experience with Lindsay this year.

Ok, I hear the girlie waking up from her nap, so I’ll update more later.