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Summer’s End

I just uploaded a new gallery, mostly of a recent trip to the zoo with Auntie Chloe and Grandma Gail (who had to buy the kiddos new Oregon Zoo sweatshirts.  Thanks Grandma!), and a few of the kids playing at the park. We’re trying to squeeze as much out of these last few weeks of summer as we possibly can!


I can’t believe how quickly this summer has passed. Lindsay had her first day of preschool on Tuesday and loved it. Her teacher said she must be used to being the star pupil, and that she’s VERY ready to learn. Woman, you have NO idea. ;) Emery and I spent our first hours of “just us” time reading books at the library, strolling through old town Sherwood, and painting and hand-stamping a tile at a paint your own pottery place, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I think he likes the one on one, undivided attention just a little bit… I’ll try to remember to post a pic of his masterpiece when we pick it up on Friday.

Pictures, Pictures, And Yes, MORE Pictures!

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading all of my pictures I’ve been storing up in Picasa for the past month!

Beach Bum

There were over 600, so it took a while!  I think I just uploaded 7 new galleries, starting with “Family Reunion Random“, so you’ll have to go check them all out one by one. There are some left over from our family reunion last month, including a bunch that Michaela took and loaded onto my laptop. There are then three galleries from activities in August, including Emery’s birthday, a day at the local park, a day at Pump It Up (a bouncy play place), a day at the County Fair, fun at Bill’s Cabin in the woods, etc. Then there’s a gallery with Lindsay’s new hairstyle, and another from Labor Day Weekend activities. The slideshow button should come in very handy.

Good luck with that. ;)

Canoe Canoe!

We took the kiddos out on the lake in the back yard today. They got to see the ducks, lily pads, and nutria up close and personal, took turns throwing tantrums about giving someone else a turn with the life jackets, and encouraged Barney to “kill the crocagators” that inhabit the lake by slapping his paddle loudly on the water. Go check the pics. Oh, and Barney made a cool slide show thingy in the gallery section which makes it easier to view the photos in completion and with captions if they have any. The button for it is over in the bottom right hand corner of the viewer.  I would recommend letting the gallery load before clicking it just so you don’t run into the problem of the slide show forwarding on to the next pic before the one you’re waiting for has time to load!  You don’t have to click that annoying “next” button over and over again anymore though, which is a nice change. ;) Let us know what you think!

Missing Gallery

Whoops!  I just realized I forgot to upload one of my galleries from an outing to the beach last week.  On this trip the insane children decided to strip down in the fog and frolic in the waves!  That being said, if you have an issue with baby bums, first, go get your head checked, and then, with all due respect, don’t look at the gallery.  :)  Oh, and have a nice day.

Bonfire On the Beach

We bought some hot dogs yesterday and headed to the beach for some coastal fun and a bonfire dinner.

Emery And His Marshmallow

Kubb was played, beer was imbibed, hot dogs were both eaten and burnt to a crisp, golf was practiced, sand was dug, S’mores were devoured, and a good time was had by all.  Go check the pics!

The Family Which Golfs Together Stays Together…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but the Boisverts are a family of golfers. Or I guess I should say “folks who like to golf no matter how many times they hit a tree, or top the ball, or find the rough, or get buried in the sand, or, or, or”. ;)  Heck, just two days ago, Joanne got a birdie.  No, really.  She nailed a seagull right in the backside.  Made him squawk and everything.
Pepere has created a couple of fanatics in his two eldest grandsons. They regularly head outside by themselves to practice chipping on the lawn, and any time Jerry turns a game on on the t.v., especially if Tiger is playing, they plop themselves next to Pepere on the bean bags and happily partake in the ritual shelling and eating of The Peanuts.

Anyway, even those of us who do not regularly play golf are compelled to participate when at a family reunion so as not to be shunned or written out of any wills. ;) I tagged along with Jerry, Dodo, Joanne, Moe, and Michaela yesterday, intending to simply walk and be the unofficial family golf photographer, when I got sucked in by the Boisvert fervor for the game and decided to play. Moira was in the same “rookie golfer” boat as I was, so I didn’t feel as out of place stepping onto the course as I would have if I were playing with the likes of Jerry, Barney, or Iain. However, even as comforted as I was in this fact, I’m glad I was behind the camera, not having my awkwardness caught on film. Because I was playing, and we were split into two sets of three, I only managed to snap a few pics, and the ones of the three folks on the other team are from far away, so I apologize for any fuzziness. :) Enjoy!

Circles In The Sand

The kids are all napping and most of the rest of the crew is out golfing, so I thought I’d take a few moments to upload pics from our beach outing today.  With all the pics we’re taking I have to keep up on the uploading or I’ll get so swamped I’ll never have the courage to sit down and wade through them all!  I’ve also split the gallery this time so that it doesn’t take so long to load.

Playing In The Sand

So, for your viewing pleasure, today I present The Beach Adventurers and Life’s A Beach.  ;)

Boisvert Family Reunion ‘07

We are here at the lovely Oregon coast for a week and a half of family fun.


Cousin Iain is here for a few days, then Uncle Tom and Aunt Joanne arrive, followed shortly by Cousin Moira, Cousin-in-law Mark, and little cousin Addy. It’s been fun so far, and we’re looking forward to even more catching up, ping ponging, golfing, goofing around, book reading, and of course, being the Boisverts……EATING!

I’ve added a gallery of new pics and there are sure to be more to come later in the week. It’s a large gallery so be patient while it loads!

Summer Days

We have been activity rich this summer, and this month has been no exception.
The Kiddos

We’ve had visits to the coast, visits from Uncles, gone berry picking, gone to Pump It Up, the Zoo, the list goes on.  You can check out the new gallery I put up, which pretty much encompasses all of the above mentioned activities.  Enjoy!

Catching Up…As Usual ;)

So I haven’t posted in a while once again, sorry about that.  We’ve been busy here settling in to the new neighborhood, making new friends, going to birthday party after birthday party, hosting our own parties, etc.

The kiddos and I headed down to the Rose Festival a couple of weeks ago, and I intended on taking my camera, but after juggling the kids and the stroller and my purse and all that while going from ride to ride, I’m actually glad I didn’t!  I did however take some pics of Lindsay’s face painting when we got home, so you can at least see that.  The kids had a blast going on all those kiddy rides, and are already looking forward to County Fair Season.

This past weekend, the whole fam headed to the Zoo for some Father’s Day fun.  It was the perfect day for it, surprisingly not crowded, nice mild weather, picnic packed and lots of fun had by all.  We ate while watching the Birds Of Prey Show, and, being stationed right by one of the landing platforms, had to duck a few times to avoid being flown into!  Needless to say, the kids thought that was the coolest.  After every bird flew, Emery would clap and say, “YAY Birdies!”  We then hopped on the Zoo Steam Engine and took a ride through the forest, over to the Rose Garden.  We played for a bit at the huge playground they have right down the road from the roses, and then meandered through the heavenly scented paths of the garden.  I wish my house smelled like that.  :)  Lindsay and Emery had to smell each and every rose that was at their level, and then went around making piggy noises, smelling everything in sight: benches, trees, bricks.  You get the picture.  Goofballs.  We then hopped back on the train (we got to ride the silver bullet train this time though, and with Emery being so into trains right now, you can imagine how much he enjoyed this) and zoomed off, back to the zoo.  We headed home, tired and happy, had dinner, kiddos took baths and headed off to bed, Barney and I soaked in the hot tub and settled in for a well deserved rest.  A great way to spend a Father’s Day in my opinion.  Hope your weekend was as enjoyable!