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Site Issues

As you all are probably aware, the site’s been having a lot of issues lately. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I’m trying to figure it out. Until I do, please just bear with me. Currently, it seems that any templates that are called directly (there’s a filename at the end of the URL, rather than a slash) seem to be throwing errors. Most notably, that includes all the full-size picture pages.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

New Skin

I built the Lindsay skin for Heather a while back, and after it was on the site for a while, I realized that there was a slight problem with the galleries. Because the pages were a fixed width (the width of the top image), the photo galleries dripped off the right side of the page. I finally got around to changing it tonight. As is pretty obvious, the top image fades into the background, and the page content now fills all available space. Whee.

Failed DNS

So I didn’t get my DNS switch as I had hoped. The last two days of downtime (apologies) were waiting for the new DNS to sync up, but it never did, so we’re back to the old system, at least for now.

Contact Form

I was informed this evening by an alert reader (thanks Mom) that the Email Us form didn’t actually work, it just displayed a lovely error message. User error, as usual. I fixed it up, so it should now work as advertised. Apologies for the inconvinience.

Coming Changes

I’m in the process of setting up my own DNS server to host the domain. Right now, it’s hosted at Network Solutions, which works, but is less than desirable. I’m hoping to make the switch early next week, and that it’ll be totally transparent, but I’m no illusions that things can’t go wrong, especially since I’ve never done this before. Figured this was a good week to potentially cause problems, since there probably won’t be much in the way of updates.

Hit Counters and Comments

I added per-page hit counters to the site this evening. They’re down at the bottom of the menu bar. I though about turning them on, but not displaying them for a while so the site doesn’t look quite so feeble, but I opted to go ahead and put them up there for everyone to laugh at.

I also noticed that the comment pages had lost their formatting. That was due to a blunder on my part when I built the custom skinning stuff. It’s fixed now though, so while they don’t match the custom skins, they are at least fairly attractive again.

Lindsay Skin

At Heather’s request, I built a skin using Lindsay’s “I’m fat on the couch” picture from our childbirth class reunion. She (Heather) says that everyone MUST switch to the Lindsay skin for at least a day, becase it’s SOOOOO cute. Just select it from the ‘Change Skin’ dropdown in the menu. There is a slight issue with the photo galleries, as you will see, but such is life. If I were a professional-grade designer, I’d be rich.

Switchable Skins

I finally got my rear in gear and built a cookie-based skin changing thing for the site. Select a skin, and you’ll view the site using that look and feel for the next month, or until you change to another skin.

“Email Us” Page

I added an Email Us page so that you can email us directly about whatever, rather that just leaving comments on specific entries.

New Skin Again

I figured out what the problem was with the rose skin. IE didn’t like the left border on the blog entries for some reason. So I removed it, and changed the rest of the borders slightly to compensate.