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Barney’s BBPhoto Stream - Posted By Barney

If you subscribe to the BBPhoto site’s RSS, you’re going to get the daily pictures of me.  And while I think I’m remarkably beautiful, I’m willing to bet most people don’t care that much.  WordPress provides per-tag pages/feeds in addition to the all-in-one, but I didn’t think to mention it last time.  You can view pictures of Lindsay or Emery (obviously with some overlap), or you can subscribe to feeds of Lindsay or Emery.  This will let you bypass the daily Barney, and not miss out on any kid shots.

Where’d Everybody Go?

Heather’s been light on the posts and pictures of late. As a partial substitute, you might subscribe to BBPhoto, a series of photos I take. They’re of middling quality because of the iPhone’s camera, and you’ll have to deal with the daily headshot, but on the weekends at least, there are a fair number of the kids.

That said, she’s currently working on the last couple months of pictures, so hopefully she’ll be posting those today or tomorrow.

They’re Back

Well, it looks like Peggy and Justin are back at it again over at (note the URL change: was replaced as it’s inaccurate).  Amazingly, while Justin posted nine hours ago and got comments from Memere and Heather, Peggy’s post from over five hours ago is still Memere-free.  Boggles the mind.  ; )


Heather’s madly working on a bunch of photos from the past couple weeks.  Currently there’s just the December 2004 II
gallery with 10 photos, but it’ll have some more added, and there
should be a Christmas gallery coming along at some point as well. 
She’ll post when it’s all ready to go, but I thought I’d make a mention
about the obvious changes to the way the galleries are listed.

Up until now, Heather and I built all the galleries using a couple
pieces of software on my PowerBook.  But now that I’m finished
with the all-online setup for Chloe and Peggy to use, Heather can do
the whole thing herself, without need for any technical help from me
(the old process worked well, but was far from simple). 
Unfortunately, the two ways are quite incompatible, so all the "old"
galleries had to be removed from the sidebar before the new galleries
could be displayed.  The old galleries are still available, you
just have to go to the full gallery list to get to them.

Where Have We Been???

As obvious from the lack of posts over the past week and a half,
Heather and I aren’t around.  We’ve been down in Portland and
Warrenton for the holidays.  One last whirlwind tour of Port
Angeles and Victoria this weekend, and then we’ll be returning to our
normal schedule, more or less.

In the meantime, there are two new sites to check out Hawaii Boisverts and The Whisler Life
I built sites similar to this one for Peggy & Justin and Chloe
& Patrick to use as they see fit.  There were a couple
glitches that were quickly ironed out, and both sites are off to a
running start.  We can’t say the same, but rest assured that more
pictures and posts will follow once our routine has returned to
something resembling normalcy. is Live!

Well, I’m happy to say that you can now access The Boisvert Life at the aptly named Please update your bookmarks to reflect the change, as will begin pointing at my personal blog in the near future (probably next week).

Under Construction

I’m making some changes to the site, including setting it up to be located at rather than Thus, some links may not work consistently, and the site may even be unavailable for periods of time over the next week or so. I’ll try to keep the interruption to a minimum, of course, but there will definitely be some.


I got the webcam working again. Comcast changed our IP address at some point, so it didn’t work any more. I’d been planning on building a script that would automatically recover from such problems, but like everything else, I haven’t gotten around to it.

No More Nasty Comments (Hopefully)

After the huge influx of evil comments this morning, I started playing around with a various ideas for terminating them before they get recorded on the site. That’s mostly for Heather and my benefit, because we get an email every time a comment is posted, but it also means that the rest of you don’t have to see the comments on the site before I get around to deleting them.

The initial dropoff of extra comments looks promising, but only time will tell if the measures I employed will be effective long term. Here’s hoping.

It’s fixed

I fixed the site, so everything should again work as expected. Turns out when I installed BlueDragon 6.1, it stole the *.jsp mapping away from Tomcat. However, since the edition of BlueDragon I have (the free edition) doesn’t support JSP, it just started throwing 403 errors. Changed the Apache config so that BlueDragon wasn’t listening for JSP requests any more, and it all went back to normal.