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Maybe I’m insane…

Ok, I’ll apologize in advance, but I just have to share one more baby video.  It’s only ten seconds long, but this kids reaction is hilarious!  Go check it out.

A Quick Pick Me Up

In a bad mood?  This’ll cheer you up.

Happy Baby

The End Of An Era

Book 7  :(  Last One


Have I ever mentioned how much I love this series, or how much I’m going to miss the excitement of waiting for the next installments to come out? Well, I do, I love it. And I’ll miss going to the midnight magic parties with friends (and sometimes alone) and waiting with anticipation, to rush home and devour the book in one night. I can’t wait to share in the wonder of the whole thing again with the kiddos once they’re old enough. And I know that we can at least look forward to two more movies, so there’s that. And I will most certainly re-read the whole series over and over, the way I’m sure most of us devoted fans will. But still, there is that pang of sadness that comes with such closure; The end of an era.
I can’t wait to talk to my fellow Potter fans about this last book, but out of a courtesy to those who have not yet finished reading, I will wait a week to post my thoughts about it. So you’ve been warned, in about a week, if you choose not to know anything about Book 7, don’t read this site until you’ve finished reading the book yourself! ;) In the meantime, feel free to post comments about the book in my comments section. I’d love to hear what you thought, and any questions that remain for you, etc. Once again, to those of you who haven’t finished the book, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!



Lovin’ It!

I’m loving that:

  • The family spent the day outside gardening together and fixing things around the house rather than watching a movie or the like.
  • The kids played on their slide together, cooperating, taking turns, and using their imaginations by pretending they were different characters on various adventures, while I got some much needed weeding done!
  • We read every book that we got from the library the other day, in one sitting, and they wanted to hear them all again.
  • Lindsay has spent all day telling me that I’m the most beautiful lady in the world, and so sweet to her, and telling Barney that he’s the most handsome man in her dreams. ;)
  • Emery has learned to give smooches (a hand on each of my cheeks and plants a kiss on the lips, saying “MMMMMMMWWWAAAAA”) and gives them to me regularly.
  • They both went right down for naps.
  • They are the only kids I’ve ever met who ASK to brush their teeth and go to bed.
  • We all spent an evening at the pool goofing around and going down the big water slide about FIFTY times ( it was so worth it to see the looks on their faces at the bottom each time)!
  • We rounded off the day at Chloe and Patrick’s, having dinner and hanging out in front of a cozy fireplace.

It’s a good life…

Wide Open Spaces

Walking into the Rose Garden Arena last night took me right back to my teenage years, when I actually went to a few concerts, imagine that! My sister Chloe, and a few friends of ours, went for a girls’ night out to dinner at The Rock Bottom Brewery (which, if you haven’t been is quite tasty) and then on to see The Dixie Chicks in concert. Let me just say, the lead singer, Natalie, is AMAZING. She floors me with how powerful her voice is and how effortless singing is for her. I’ve always had a passion for singing, but never will I be able to sing with such talent. And the other two gals have great voices too, but their instrumental prowess is even more impressive. It was so great to see a group live, and have it sound the same, if not better than it does on their records!
I’m insanely jealous of their overall talent, and would love to be able to play an instrument. That’s why I’ve decided Lindsay will learn to play the fiddle or violin, and Emery the guitar or piano. ;) And Chloe said Ayden will have to learn the banjo or the mandolin, and they can start a little band to entertain us. HA! We’ll see. No, but it was a great show. The opening act was awesome too. I had never heard of him, but Bob Shneider was really impressive. Great easy listening voice, and hysterical dry wit onstage. I might just get one of his CDs to check out the rest of his stuff.

Oh, just a tip though, if you ever go see a concert at the Rose Garden, try to sneak in your own drink and snack, because damned if I’ll ever pay $4 for a soda again, and neither should you! ;)


What am I loving today?  The fact that Lindsay is being patient
while I check my email.  She’s singing to her Elmo doll and trying
to use his hand to push the buttons on her activity table.  Too
damn cute.

Wait a minute, now she’s laying on the floor humping
him and repeating after him, "that tickles".  Ha ha ha ha.  So

I’m Lovin’ It

Today’s "What’s Hot":


I loved
Fraggle Rock as a kid, and when I saw that they are releasing some
episodes and such on DVD, I just HAD to get them for Lindsay.  Now
I have that song stuck in my head.  If you don’t know it, you were
definitely not around in the 80’s, or you were severly deprived. 
You can listen to it here, or watch the intro here.

Everybody now!  "Dance your cares away *clap clap*, Worries for another day.  Let the music play *clap clap* Down in Fraggle Rock!"

Did I mention I love them?!  Fraggles Rock!  :)

Parental Guidance

Ok, I’m not usually one to read books on childrearing or follow a
certain school of thought of any one famous pediatrician or child
psychologist, as I’ve seen such things ruin too many childhoods. 

However, have you ever seen the show Supernanny
that’s on Monday nights?  I’m definitely loving it, and love most of
the gal’s methods of child rearing.  She has it down to a science,
and she completely turns around every family she helps.  I almost
said, she turns around every problem kid, but from watching the show
and observing families in public, I’ve come to the conclusion that
problem children are only problems because their parents have let them
become so.  Some parents just have no clue, and parenting does not
come naturally to them at all.  It always seems to be completely
the parent’s fault for how their child is misbehaving, even though they
themselves are utterly frustrated with it and wish it would stop, they
blame their child, so nothing changes, the cycle just spirals
downward.  I almost wish every parent had Jo (Supernanny) in their
house, so more kids would grow up with the perfect balance of love,
praise, boundaries, and discipline.  How much nicer our world
would be.

If you haven’t seen her, you should watch, even if
you don’t have kids yet.  It can spark some great discussions on
how you and you significant other feel about certain methods of child
rearing, etc, which are talks you’ll want to have before you have a
baby anyway.  She also has a book out, which I think is
great.  I got one at Costco.  She really doesn’t introduce
anything new, just plain common sense, but after what I’ve seen locally
in the childrearing department, common sense is not so common in many
parents.  She just bundles it into a nice, concise package that’s easy for us parents to recall, that’s
all.  Check her out.

Lovin’ It!

Ok, I added a new category of things I am particularly fond of on any given day.

Today, the highlight would be that I think I am finally feeling
Hangnail wiggle around in there!  I think that is one of the most
wonderful feelings a woman ever gets to experience, and I really wish
guys could experience it as well.  Of course I also wish guys
could experience the bloating, cramping, puking, weight gaining,
emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy, just so they could really
understand us better.  ;)  But to get to feel that little
baby moving around in there, and get to know it and fall in love with
it even before it emerges into the world, at the same time not having
to deal with hearing it shreak, changing it’s diapers, or go through
the hell that is starting out breastfeeding (for some of us anyways),
that, my friends is heaven, pure and simple.  It’s my favorite
part of pregnancy, hands down.

On another note of random things I’m lovin’ right now… in no particular order;

chocolate covered raisins (the big tub from Costco)
Maui Onion Chips (also from Costco)
Mt. Dew

And yes, I frequently eat them all together in one sitting.  ;)  No joke.