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Canoe Canoe!

We took the kiddos out on the lake in the back yard today. They got to see the ducks, lily pads, and nutria up close and personal, took turns throwing tantrums about giving someone else a turn with the life jackets, and encouraged Barney to “kill the crocagators” that inhabit the lake by slapping his paddle loudly on the water. Go check the pics. Oh, and Barney made a cool slide show thingy in the gallery section which makes it easier to view the photos in completion and with captions if they have any. The button for it is over in the bottom right hand corner of the viewer.  I would recommend letting the gallery load before clicking it just so you don’t run into the problem of the slide show forwarding on to the next pic before the one you’re waiting for has time to load!  You don’t have to click that annoying “next” button over and over again anymore though, which is a nice change. ;) Let us know what you think!

Bonfire On the Beach

We bought some hot dogs yesterday and headed to the beach for some coastal fun and a bonfire dinner.

Emery And His Marshmallow

Kubb was played, beer was imbibed, hot dogs were both eaten and burnt to a crisp, golf was practiced, sand was dug, S’mores were devoured, and a good time was had by all.  Go check the pics!

The Family Which Golfs Together Stays Together…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but the Boisverts are a family of golfers. Or I guess I should say “folks who like to golf no matter how many times they hit a tree, or top the ball, or find the rough, or get buried in the sand, or, or, or”. ;)  Heck, just two days ago, Joanne got a birdie.  No, really.  She nailed a seagull right in the backside.  Made him squawk and everything.
Pepere has created a couple of fanatics in his two eldest grandsons. They regularly head outside by themselves to practice chipping on the lawn, and any time Jerry turns a game on on the t.v., especially if Tiger is playing, they plop themselves next to Pepere on the bean bags and happily partake in the ritual shelling and eating of The Peanuts.

Anyway, even those of us who do not regularly play golf are compelled to participate when at a family reunion so as not to be shunned or written out of any wills. ;) I tagged along with Jerry, Dodo, Joanne, Moe, and Michaela yesterday, intending to simply walk and be the unofficial family golf photographer, when I got sucked in by the Boisvert fervor for the game and decided to play. Moira was in the same “rookie golfer” boat as I was, so I didn’t feel as out of place stepping onto the course as I would have if I were playing with the likes of Jerry, Barney, or Iain. However, even as comforted as I was in this fact, I’m glad I was behind the camera, not having my awkwardness caught on film. Because I was playing, and we were split into two sets of three, I only managed to snap a few pics, and the ones of the three folks on the other team are from far away, so I apologize for any fuzziness. :) Enjoy!

Circles In The Sand

The kids are all napping and most of the rest of the crew is out golfing, so I thought I’d take a few moments to upload pics from our beach outing today.  With all the pics we’re taking I have to keep up on the uploading or I’ll get so swamped I’ll never have the courage to sit down and wade through them all!  I’ve also split the gallery this time so that it doesn’t take so long to load.

Playing In The Sand

So, for your viewing pleasure, today I present The Beach Adventurers and Life’s A Beach.  ;)

Boisvert Family Reunion ‘07

We are here at the lovely Oregon coast for a week and a half of family fun.


Cousin Iain is here for a few days, then Uncle Tom and Aunt Joanne arrive, followed shortly by Cousin Moira, Cousin-in-law Mark, and little cousin Addy. It’s been fun so far, and we’re looking forward to even more catching up, ping ponging, golfing, goofing around, book reading, and of course, being the Boisverts……EATING!

I’ve added a gallery of new pics and there are sure to be more to come later in the week. It’s a large gallery so be patient while it loads!

Summer Days

We have been activity rich this summer, and this month has been no exception.
The Kiddos

We’ve had visits to the coast, visits from Uncles, gone berry picking, gone to Pump It Up, the Zoo, the list goes on.  You can check out the new gallery I put up, which pretty much encompasses all of the above mentioned activities.  Enjoy!

The End Of An Era

Book 7  :(  Last One


Have I ever mentioned how much I love this series, or how much I’m going to miss the excitement of waiting for the next installments to come out? Well, I do, I love it. And I’ll miss going to the midnight magic parties with friends (and sometimes alone) and waiting with anticipation, to rush home and devour the book in one night. I can’t wait to share in the wonder of the whole thing again with the kiddos once they’re old enough. And I know that we can at least look forward to two more movies, so there’s that. And I will most certainly re-read the whole series over and over, the way I’m sure most of us devoted fans will. But still, there is that pang of sadness that comes with such closure; The end of an era.
I can’t wait to talk to my fellow Potter fans about this last book, but out of a courtesy to those who have not yet finished reading, I will wait a week to post my thoughts about it. So you’ve been warned, in about a week, if you choose not to know anything about Book 7, don’t read this site until you’ve finished reading the book yourself! ;) In the meantime, feel free to post comments about the book in my comments section. I’d love to hear what you thought, and any questions that remain for you, etc. Once again, to those of you who haven’t finished the book, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!



Not For The Squeamish!

Ok, anyone who’s an avid animal lover, stop reading now.

I myself, love animals, but there has been an exception as of late. Namely, the moles and voles destroying our once pristine back yard. When we moved in the grass was green and lush, the beds undisturbed. But now, the yard is pitted and has dead patches perfectly in the form of a network of underground tunnels! In an effort against using those horrible mole traps that basically slice the animal in half, I bought both a treatment that you spray over the lawn, and one of those stakes that you bury and it sends out a tone and vibration that’s supposed to be annoying to the moles and therefore encourage them to hastily retreat from the yard and never come back. No such luck. They did move from the area I put the stake in, but just over to the other end of the yard; Yes, the only part left that was actually untouched by them!


So, I went out back the other day to stamp down the mounds of dirt they had pushed up once again, when I saw movement by my foot. I was wearing flimsy flipflops, so I instinctually lifted my foot and put it right back down on the back half of a vole! Yuck! I desperately looked around for something to grab it with, but by the time I looked back down he had dug his way back into the ground. Lucky for him that I was wearing flipflops, and that I was standing on the squishy dirt he had so recently dug up, or he most certainly would have had his back end crushed! I was resigning myself that I was just going to have to go buy some poison or a trap, when my husband stepped in. Literally.

We were sitting at the kitchen table, just chatting after dinner, when Barney suddenly looked out the sliding glass door and casually said, “There’s a mole in the yard” and got up and walked outside. I told him he better grab a pair of gardening gloves or something to grab it with, and he just grinned. I watched with fascination as he scanned the ground and I figured he had gone out there too late, and the mole had already vanished. Suddenly, he raised his leg high in the air, karate kid fashion, and brought his heel down hard into the lawn. I sat, dumbstruck, horrified yet curious as to whether this crude tactic had actually worked. He turned to me and, very pleased with himself said, “Got it!”

I of course had to ask how he could be so sure and he relayed some gruesome description of seeing the movement, knowing which way it was headed, striking perfectly, feeling something under his foot, and then nothing. *wretch*

I told him I didn’t want some dead mole rotting right below the surface of the yard, and asked him to dig it up. Mostly I wanted to see for myself whether or not he actually killed a mole because to be honest, I had my doubts. He dug up the grass and sure enough, there was fur! Now I was expecting a vole because that’s what I had almost crushed beneath my own foot accidentally. A vole, like the size of your thumb. This however, this was a large guinea pig sized thing!  He must have died instantly, as there was no breathing and I couldn’t detect a heartbeat by watching closely.  Feeling sorry for the fuzzy little thing but so very glad to be rid of it, I dug it out of the ground and tossed it over the fence into the greenspace behind the house.

We’ll see if the destructive activity in the yard dies down, or if Mr. Mole had friends. I’m willing to bet the latter is more likely, but they better watch out, because Barney the mighty mole hunter is on the prowl and deadly accurate.

“Me Time”

Barney has been away all week at a computer geek, I mean code genius conference in D.C., where all of the people like him can get together, hang out, swap secrets, and actually have other people understand what they’re talking about all the time. ;) I love him dearly and am in constant awe of his coding prowess and overall intelligence, but I fear that when it comes to idle chitchat with him about the stuff he’s working on, I am the leader of the Smile And Nod Club. As much as his dorkishness makes me feel like the biggest moron on the planet, I can’t complain too much because tomorrow he’s bringing home a Wii for me to play with, that he won in a coding competition. Yes, you read it right. A coding competition. Code Monkeys slave away writing some code, they submit it, and whoever’s is the “most useful” wins. Don’t really understand that type of arbitrary judging, but hey, they chose him as the winner, and that means I get a Wii, so I’m inclined to agree with their judgement. That and he’s a coding master and was bound to win regardless… ;)

While he’s been away, I’ve had so much free time in the evenings, I haven’t known what to do with myself. Well, other than finally catch up on all of the television shows I’ve had recorded for the past month, and surf the internet until 2 in the morning. I swear I have no self control or internal clock when he’s not here, rigidly sticking to his bedtime schedule. Also, me being the paranoid freak that I am, I don’t really want to turn the lights off and go to sleep when he’s not here beside me. I wander around the house listening for strange noises, locking and rechecking doors and windows, and I hate to admit it, even leave one of the lights on so that I can finally get to sleep each night. Luckily he returns tomorrow night, so my body wont have to suffer from lack of sleep for much longer. I’m not just looking forward to his return because of the Wii’s homecoming and the return of my mighty, nightly bedside protector of a husband, but also because I really miss him when he’s gone. We don’t spend enough time together as it is (yes, mostly my fault for packing a lifetime of activities into my 20’s) but we’re rarely so geographically separated, so when he’s across the country, the feeling is amplified. When he’s home, even if we’re doing our own things in the evenings, we still see each other for fleeting moments, and have the other next to us when we finally crawl into bed each night. There’s a comfort, security, bond, and love there that I often take for granted . . . . but not on nights like this when its absence is so palpable.

I’ve had enough me time.

Have a safe trip home sweet. We love and miss you.


Heather is lying in bed, Emery walks in with a book…

“Book!  Book!”

“Ok.”  Heather lifts Emery up on the bed.  “Do you know who that is?”


“No, that’s Santa.”


“No, not Satan, Santa.  San-ta.”


“No.  San-ta.”