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My Life In A Petri Dish

Well, my cold that began when the kiddos got sick at the end of September seems to be hanging on and continually morphing into fun, new little strains of whatever the hell it started as.  This has been a huge pain especially in terms of my singing, as “solo season” has started, and I don’t sound the greatest when snorting and hacking up nastiness on a regular basis.  I know, that’s pretty disgusting, but try living it.  ;)
On top of me being sick and the kiddos swapping colds on and off, it looks like Lindsay has somehow contracted Pinkeye.
Yes, highly contagious, annoying Pinkeye.  I’ve tried to stress to her not to rub her eyes because she could end up getting it in both eyes, but I fear that may already be happening.  She woke up this morning with the tell tale “eye glued shut” with gunk, and the other eye is looking a little red in the past hour.   I’m doing everything I can to avoid Emery and I getting it as well, and once again, Lindsay will be missing a week of school so she doesn’t pass on the fun to any of her classmates.  Grrrrrr.  I see why people home-school.  We could save a fortune on classes she never attends!  ;)
So, we’re being shut-ins once again.  I’d advise not visiting, although anyone who wants to write is welcome to!  Cross your fingers we don’t all turn into red-eyed-monsters and go stir crazy!

Fall Is Upon Us

Have you taken a look at the trees lately? They seem to get more spectacular every year. We have some of the most amazingly red leaves around here. When the sun shines through them, from afar, you might imagine they’re on fire….if only it weren’t pouring with rain two seconds later. ;) Yes, the rainy season has arrived here in Oregon, making me wonder if we’re going to make it out to go trick or treating after all. Along with the rain, the illnesses have arrived in full force. The kids (and I, of and on) have been sick since the last weekend in September. Talk about housebound and miserable. Lindsay holds onto colds longer than anyone I’ve ever met, and with us usually having a nice full schedule of preschool and gymnastics and playgroups, let’s just say we’re all getting on each others’ nerves a bit. And of course, being sequestered in a house together, we’re all bound to get sick! Fun fun. The miser in me is also irritated to no end now that we’re paying for all of these various classes and preschool and all that, for them to be missing so many. That’s a lot of wasted money, not to mention the holes in their “education”. Lindsay will forever have a handicap when it comes to the letters “O” and “H” (which she should have been learning about these past couple of weeks). ;)

Now it hasn’t been all misery around here, don’t worry. We have managed to get out a bit to places where they aren’t in such close quarters with people and can’t spread their germs so easily. We went to the Pumpkin Patch with Lindsay’s preschool class, we met Uncle Stuart’s new puppy, Dinsdale, and we participated for a few minutes in the MOMS Club Halloween Party, while I constantly followed the kiddos around with hand sanitizer! :) Go check out the pics! And please, please, do us a favor. Once we’re all better, nobody come visit us if you’re sick, or have been sick the week before! I really don’t want to be stuck in the house all winter, Lindsay would love to get back to preschool on a regular basis, and Emery would like to continue to develop his gymnastics prowess. Hope everyone else is doing better than we are!

The Difference Between Thinking And Doing

Sometimes life sucks, and you get caught in the act of a small, but possibly harmful rule-break. I really feel for the woman I just passed on the highway. There she sat, caught in the act, looking depressed and shamed, basking in the glow of the flashing lights of a police car.

The kiddos and I headed to Costco, and, it being almost 5:00, and Lindsay not having taken her nap once again, sure enough, when we pulled into our parking spot, she was sound asleep. She woke up grumpy, and I actually considered leaving her in the car to nap (it always seems like it’d be easier than either waking them up, or having to deal with a grumpy, crying, screaming kid), but that little voice that always kicks in told me better. I’m too paranoid (by nature) to actually do that. I start going through all of the “what ifs”. What if someone kidnapped them and I came back to an empty car? What if a car careened out of control while I was in the store and smashed into mine? What if Lindsay woke up, figured out how to open the door of the car, and ran into the parking lot looking for me, leaving Emery screaming in his seat with the door wide open? What if, what if, what if? So, in we went to face the shopping crowds, the screaming kids, the long ass checkout lines. It of course took longer than planned, which it always does, and as we headed back to our car to lug the groceries and kiddos in, I noticed that there were two kids sitting in the car next to mine. By themselves. They must have been about the same age as Emery and Lindsay, and I didn’t notice if they were crying, or just sitting peacefully. My guess is their mom did exactly what I had considered, but thought better of. She had pulled up and one or both of the kids were asleep, so she figured she could just run in really quickly and grab the couple things she needed, kid-free.

I then looked to the other side of my car and noticed two ladies just sitting there, one on the phone, and the other loitering around right outside the passenger door. The one already out of the car came over to me as I loaded the groceries and asked, in a very accusing tone, as though I had something to do with the atrocity being committed one space over, “Was that red car there when you pulled in?” I answered her honestly, that no, it hadn’t been. I had been in the store for about 45 minutes, so who knows if the kids had been there that long, or if it had only been 5 minutes. Either way, these two gals were obviously very concerned with such child abuse.

Right as I was getting back into my seat, the mom came running out of the store, hurriedly hopped in to her car, and pulled on out. I was about to pull out as well, when the gals who had been sitting in their car on the other side of me screamed out of their parking spot, following the gal, still talking on the phone, to who I now surmised was the police department, to report this violent criminal of a woman.

Once I finally made my way out of the zoo the Costco parking lot becomes when everyone gets off work, I saw the flashing lights, and knew without even looking that that poor mom had been pulled over. And there sat the car with the other two gals, behind the police car, looking smug and triumphant, having just saved the world. I wrestled between feeling bad for the mom, (as I’ve been in her position, wanting to just run into the store while the kids are napping) and telling myself not to feel bad, as she should have known better. But I felt bad nonetheless. I mean, yes, she shouldn’t have left the kids alone in the car, but the fact that she got a ticket or whatever for that, when she’s actually probably a very loving and caring mother (and this was probably the first time she’s ever left them alone in the car!), while child abusers and molesters and neglectors run free and rampant….it just really irks me. It certainly did reaffirm the fact that I will never leave the kids in the car, even for 2 minutes to run into a store. After all, some self righteous old bitties might be waiting to take me down!

I don’t know, what do you think internet? Did she deserve it?

Time To Vent

Ok, seriously, if you’re not in the mood right now to hear someone bitch, I suggest you look away. Read no further.

Now that you’ve had sufficient warning, those of you still reading must be beggin’ for some bitchin’. ;)

I appologise for the following; I don’t do it often, but sometimes things just keep adding up and festering in my mind for weeks and I finally reach a boiling point and SNAP. In no particular order, these types of people are currently driving me insane (amongst other types that don’t even need to be named, such as terrorists, murderers in general, and all of the other horrible human types there are out there that we all can’t stand):

People who are lazy and have no intention of pulling their lives out the rut they’re in, but would rather blame everyone/everything else around them and let others lend their time and money, with little or no thanks in return, and no lesson learned. No “This is what I needed to get back on my feet and now I can not only help myself, but help others who are in the situation I was in”. No, they just use up the resources people worked so hard to provide to help them out, and end up back in the same rut they were in before; endless cycle. Eternally frustrating. Perhaps it’s the hardcore Republican in me, who knows, but I can’t stand that sort of living/thinking. ;)

People who feel entitled to things they haven’t earned. Now this category includes spoiled kids, most Americans in general, and criminals, mostly thieves. I don’t understand these people at all. Where do they think the things they get/steal come from? Don’t they realize someone has worked really hard, invested time, money, emotion, etc into attaining these things? What makes them able to simply say, “well, I really want that, so I should have it”, without a thought for the person who worked so hard to get it in the first place?

Parents who cover for their kids mistakes or shortcomings by becoming rediculously defensive rather than helping their children out by teaching them the right way to act; the proper thing to do or say. I’m sure every American teacher hears me on this one. We Americans, especially, are notorious for this and it needs to stop. The kids of these types of parents really frighten me because they are never going to learn to own up to or fix their own mistakes. They’ll learn they can get away with whatever they want and justify their actions with excuses or lies; the most likely one being that they had a rough childhood/bad parenting. What a slap in the face that’ll be to those parents who thought they were helping their kid by “being a friend” to them. Kids have friends their age. What they need are parents who are willing to act like parents. Parents who are willing to put their foot down regardless of the contempt, the anger they face from their children at the time. Parents who know that, yes, they have to be the “bad guy” a LOT of the time, but that it will help their children to have that strong guide, that leadership in their lives, and that appreciation comes with time and maturity.

People who aren’t willing to own up to their mistakes or intentional bad deeds. You hear it all the time, even when undeniable evidence points to the contrary, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.”. Now a lot of this stems from the bad parenting mentioned in the prior category. It’s a human instinct to not want to take the blame when we make a mistake, but that’s what parenting is supposed to help out with. Our job as parents is to prepare our kids to interact with the society we live in. It sounds cliche, but that’s what the golden rule is for. My parents made sure that one of the biggest points they taught us as kids was to treat others as we would want to be treated. Their constant question to us was, “How would that make you feel?”. We were taught to ask ourselves that question before we did anything that might affect another person, and I wish every other parent would do the world a favor and do the same.

On the other end of the “not willing to own up to things” problem are the people who, to me, are just as frustrating. I got a taste of this just this morning. These are the people who are willing to take credit for someone else’s efforts. Most of us had experience with these people when we had to work on team projects in school, and I’m not too proud to admit that at times I was one of these people in high school. They do little to nothing, compared to what everyone else puts in, and gladly sit back and take in the glory, rather than admitting their slight contribution, or even just giving a polite little shout out; “Thanks for the praise, but really, so-and-so deserves most of the credit, they worked their ass off and put in the financial and emotional contribution.” Not so hard is it? Being on the other end, I’ve certainly learned my lesson.
Ok, the list definitely goes on, but I don’t want to put my readers into a funk, especially this time of year, so that’ll be it for now. Hopefully we won’t see another installment of the Heather Bitch Fest for quite some time. Thanks for letting me vent though. I do feel a bit lot better. :)