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Happy Father’s Day

I’m glad to say that I not only love my husband, but am in love with him more strongly and on more levels than I ever thought possible.

Sure, it was nice when it was just the two of us, no kids, carefree, sleeping in every morning, but now, seeing him with Lindsay, our daughter, the pure outcome of that love, it makes my heart melt and swell with joy at the same time when I see them together.

Barney has been a wonderful father these past five or so months, and even before that actually, helping me to stay on track and healthy while I was pregnant. He helped me through the hard times when Lindsay was born and we’d both be sitting on the couch, crying together from lack of sleep. Barney would simply take Lindsay, kiss me on the cheek, and send me to the bed to catch up on some sleep, even though he was the one who had to go to work the next morning and show some sense of sanity and alertness.

He has shown sides of himself that I didn’t know about, when interacting with Lindsay, and to see her smile at him when he talks to her is the best thing in the world. He reads her Dr. Suess and loves pushing her in her stroller, and always makes dinner when he knows I’ve had a rough day. He also will usually pick Lindsay up, faster than I would when she’s crying, and try to comfort her and play with her. I think some times he ends up doing more than his fair share around here, and for that, I am eternally greatful. He’s a wonderful Husband, and even more wonderful Father.

Thank you sweetie. We love you. Happy Father’s Day.

Daddy The Fashion Guru

So….. Barney takes Lindsay in to change her this evening while I’m watching a show on T.V. I hear him babbling to her and I know he’s done something wrong when I hear him giggling as he re-enters the t.v. room. He brings Lindsay in and he has her onesie buttoned up on the OUTSIDE of her pants. He said he had already put her pants back on when he realized the onesie was still undone, and that he didn’t feel like undressing her again! :) That’s what happens when you leave daddy to change the girlie. ;) You can go check out the picture I took of the incident in the photo galleries.

Name Frequencies

During a conversation about something, my mind underwent one of it’s trademark tangential rampages and I decided it was very important to learn about name frequencies in the US. At the Census Bureau’s web site, they have some data about name frequencies, both top ten lists and a search within the top 90% (cumulative) of most common names.


CHLOE 1137
GAIL 155

NICK 308

The data are drawn from a sample of about 7.2 million records from the 1990 census. Included on the site is a article about all the work they had to do to generate the info.


I’ve received various pieces of negative feedback from people regarding some of the content I’ve posted.

The purpose of this site is two-fold: First and foremost, to provide a glimpse into our (Heather, Lindsay and myself) life, particularly through the photo galleries, for friends and family that aren’t here in person as often as they’d like. Secondly, it’s a place for me (and Heather, as she sees fit) to share about ourselves. If you don’t want to be shared with, no one is making you come here.

Rest assured, none of my posts are needlessly designed to be nasty, inappropriate, or whatever else. They’re simply a reflection of me and my thoughts, and the tone will change based on my mood. It is, after all, a glimpse of the boisvert life, not the cleaned-up PBS special.

Ok Computer

Took my PowerBook to the Apple store in Portland, and they figured out that it was bad RAM that was cauing all my problems. I have to reconfigure everything, and then I’ll be able to put those pictures up.


The three of us are taking a trip down to Portland this weekend to see friends and family. Heather and Lindsay are going to stay down there until next Saturday (the 14th), but I’m coming back up this Sunday because I have to go to work. Be a little vacation for both of us, though I suspect Heather will be the one having a better time.

Grey Hair

Yesterday evening while screwing around in the bathroom to avoid brushing my teeth for another minute or two, I noticed a grey hair on my head. Very grey, perhaps even white, and full length to boot. I’ve had a patch of very blonde/white hair at the corner of my goatee for a while, but this is a first on the ol’ cabeza. Got a kid, a mortgage, and grey hair. Looks like the walker and O2 bottle are just around the corner.

Dual Use Car Seat

While we were getting ready go to up the road to some of our friends’ house for the Super Bowl, I discovered that an infant car seat can easily be used as head protection for the full-sized human. Well padded, and complete with chin strap and face guard, it’s perfect for all the high-risk maneuvers typically undertaken when with infants.


I completely botched it packaging up the distribution archives for both PasswordSafe and the Glue/Paint Solver. They’re fixed now, about 50% of the size they were, and actually work when decompressed.

My New Office

I’m now living in a new office at work (I moved Monday the 19th). I’d previously had a quasi-cube in a large area with a couple other people, but now I’ve got an actual office. It’s kind of nice to have some privacy, but more importantly, the lack of distractions has done wonders for my productivity. Here’s a picture (from the Random Shots gallery).