Free At Last!

Whaddaya know… Haven’t posted in quite some time again.  I was going to write a couple of weeks ago, but we got snowed in here and I didn’t want it to slip out to the world how very barely I was hanging onto my sanity.  ;)  Believe me, you were spared…be thankful.

So yes, we have been snowed in here for almost exactly two weeks.  All of the holiday parties were canceled for me AND the kiddos, as well as the church services we were going to participate in and my community choir’s final concert and season wrap up party.  :(  Talk about ruining the holidays.  I’m having a very difficult time ridding myself of the “bah…humbugs.”  It was definitely the strangest Christmas I’ve ever experienced, mostly because… well, it just didn’t feel like Christmas.  No caroling, no church, no midnight mass on Christmas Eve, no shopping, no Christmas cards delivered, etc.  And being stuck inside so long and not having our usual routines to count on or friends to share the Christmas spirit with, the days just sort of blurred together, and it was hard to convince myself it was actually Christmas Eve once it finally rolled around.

We ended up having a great time on Christmas Day at Chloe’s though, so that salvaged the strange holiday season in some ways.  We feasted, opened presents, and enjoyed some wassail and each other’s company.  I have some pics up in the galleries, one of random activities in Nov/Dec, and one of primarily Christmas Day.

Setting Out Cookies, Milk, And Carrots

Happy Holidays!?  ;)

2 Responses to “Free At Last!”

  1. 1 Chloe

    Great pics! I especially like the one of Lindsay, Emery and Ayden at the “kid table” waiting for Christmas dinner :-) I really think you just needed to look on the bright side of the “Arctic Blast ‘08″ - a chance to slow down, enjoy your house, enjoy your kids (even as they bounced from one wall off the next!), not have to fight the crowds at the mall, didn’t have to dress-up for any special events, and you got to take some great pictures! :-) … glass is half FULL, remember? ;-)

  2. 2 Nanna

    Heather…have loved catching up on all your blogs…Loved the explanation to Lindsay about the election, etc., great thoughts and prayers for a future filled with more positive things and hopefully a president who will do something to bring about change?

    Anyway, so glad you are finally able to get out. Two weeks is a long time to be shut in! Great pictures of the snow and Christmas Day…thanks for sharing.

    We only had one week we couldn’t get out and yesterday was the first day we didn’t have a frozen driveway and road out of here. We have had sun for a couple of days now but still have a lot of snow in the meadow and under the trees. We had a nice Christmas Day with Fay, Michael and Spencer. Cliff and Pam were snowed in so didn’t make it. We had Christmas with them on Saturday when they could drive the roads and they spent the day with us here. More food…wow! serious dieting coming up in the New Year!
    We were sad we couldn’t all be together…wished we lived closer. Anyway, thank you for posting all the news and pictures from your end. Keep it up…we love being able to share in your lives.

    Take care…hugs and kisses to you all,

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