Separation Anxiety Doesn’t Begin To Cover It

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for poor Emery.

One of the only disadvantages I can see to kids having a stay-at-home parent is that they don’t grow up with it being normal to not see that parent every hour of every day.  This was never much of an issue for Lindsay, as she has been such a strong, independent personality from day one.  Dropping her off at school or extracurricular activities has never been a problem and rather, always been such a joy because she jumps into everything with enthusiasm, much like myself.  Emery on the other hand - I knew from the day he was born he was going to have a tougher time dealing with things.  He’s extremely intelligent and a complete crack up most of the time, but also very sensitive, emotional, and stubborn; also much like myself.  ;)  Just like me, he thinks that because he’s made his mind up about something, that’s the way it’s gonna go.  You can see how this might be a problem now that he has started preschool.  I had to pull him out of gymnastics last week because he simply refused to go out there with his class, and what do you do; drag them kicking and screaming to go do something that’s supposed to be fun?

Preschool’s another story though, because he’s gonna go whether or not he thinks he wants to.  It just makes it so hard to leave him every time when he’s distraught and refusing to join the other kids who are quietly writing their letters.  I remember seeing, or hearing rather, the little boys in Lindsay’s class last year throwing fits when their parents would leave, and thinking to myself at the time, ooooh boy, that’s probably going to be Emery.  Why is it always the boys?  Why do boys tend to be more clingy at this age?  I don’t really know, but I know he’s having a hard time.  and I’m having a hard time.  But hopefully he’ll get used to it, and start to enjoy his time away from me and the house.  Let’s just cross our fingers that that time comes sooner rather than later…

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  2. 2 dorothy van winkle

    Heather, dear, i feel for you. the boys are not at the same developmental place as the girls at that age, or quite frankly, perhaps at any age. boys are meant to run and make noise and in general be very active. girls are better suited to sitting and doing fine motor skill stuff. if he doens’t adjust to preschool, dont make him go all year hating it. in the grand scheme of his life, it’s better if he goes later and is ok with it rather than being traumatized for life. he is only a little fellow. we certainly never had preshcool, and barely had kindergarten; instead we were kids at home. some kids are simply not ready even though by the date on the calendar, they should be. and remember, emery has a late summer birthday, which makes him even more not ready yet. all in all, don’t force him. he’ll go when he is ready and he only gets to be a little boy once. love to all of you. dotty

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