Wow, I’ve been a really crappy blogger lately haven’t I?  I had been consumed in May and early June with preparations for my choir trip to England, mostly preoccupations about dying in the fiery ball of a plane crash and leaving my children scarred for life, but ya know, there was the whole making lists and packing thing too.

Glad to say I made it back alive, but definitely changed somehow.  A trip like that is so strange, so compact and whirlwind that it takes you longer to wrap your head around the whole experience once you return, than it did to have the experience in the first place.  I saw some amazing places, had some great food, had no responsibilities except to wake up by a certain time to have breakfast each morning, and had the opportunity to get really close to some amazing people; an opportunity I don’t think I ever would have had if I hadn’t gone on tour, and I will be forever grateful to those who helped me to get there and supported my decision to do so.  A particular thank you to Barney, for allowing me to run off for over a week; to Dodo, for being a saint and watching the kiddos while I was gone, not the easiest job in the world; to my mom, for providing a lot of the financial backing and motivation that allowed me to pursue my desire to be a part of the tour even when I thought it was a pipe dream; and to my sister, Chloe, who I spend nearly every day with, for putting up with loosing her daytime companion for almost two weeks.  Thanks so much to all of you, you’re amazing and I feel blessed to have you in my life.

I will try to sit down and write about some of the places we traveled to and experiences we had once I get all of my pics off the camera and wade through them.  Until then, just know that I’m back, I’m safe, I’m happy but a little scattered and trying to remember how to fit back into my space here.  Please feel free to write or comment, I’d love to know who’s out there in cyberspace and perhaps it’ll help bring me back down to earth a bit.  ;)

For now, if you’re jonesing for some pics, I’m uploading some from the past few months that I never took the time to post about, so look for those over in the Gallery sidebar.

4 Responses to “Scattered”

  1. 1 Memere

    Yea!!!! She’s home. So glad to know the planes held up OK.

    The kids and I had a good time. Not as active as I’m sure they usually are, but we managed.

    Emery’s favorite line - “Memere, where are you?!?”

    Lindsay’s favorite line - “What are you doing?”

  2. 2 Memere

    Great pics!!

  3. 3 Dorothy van Winkle

    i’m glad you are home safe and sound. Dot

  4. 4 Nanna

    Welcome back Heather!
    So glad you had a good time and had such a great experience. Yes I know how it feels to try to fit back into your life once you have experienced a trip like you had. I remember how it was when I returned from my tour of Great Britain a couple of years ago…and I am still thinking and digesting some of it. Good memories last a lifetime!

    Love you, Nanna

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