My Life In A Petri Dish

Well, my cold that began when the kiddos got sick at the end of September seems to be hanging on and continually morphing into fun, new little strains of whatever the hell it started as.  This has been a huge pain especially in terms of my singing, as “solo season” has started, and I don’t sound the greatest when snorting and hacking up nastiness on a regular basis.  I know, that’s pretty disgusting, but try living it.  ;)
On top of me being sick and the kiddos swapping colds on and off, it looks like Lindsay has somehow contracted Pinkeye.
Yes, highly contagious, annoying Pinkeye.  I’ve tried to stress to her not to rub her eyes because she could end up getting it in both eyes, but I fear that may already be happening.  She woke up this morning with the tell tale “eye glued shut” with gunk, and the other eye is looking a little red in the past hour.   I’m doing everything I can to avoid Emery and I getting it as well, and once again, Lindsay will be missing a week of school so she doesn’t pass on the fun to any of her classmates.  Grrrrrr.  I see why people home-school.  We could save a fortune on classes she never attends!  ;)
So, we’re being shut-ins once again.  I’d advise not visiting, although anyone who wants to write is welcome to!  Cross your fingers we don’t all turn into red-eyed-monsters and go stir crazy!

4 Responses to “My Life In A Petri Dish”

  1. 1 Memere

    Oh Sweetie! I’m sorry the cruds, in varying stages and forms, are still in your home. Hopefully the winds that blew through here the other day will blow through your house and clear it out. However, if you still have sickies next week, we can change our Thanksgiving plans. No need to “spread the wealth” of germs.

  2. 2 Dorothy van Winkle

    Heather, once a kid is on antibiotics for 24 hours, they can go back to school. Does pinkeye require antibiotics? It used to, but with fewer antibiotics now being prescribed, it may not anymore. Check out the policy at Lindsay’s school and ask what they require, and if needed, get a note from the doc atesting to the 24 hour anti. treatment. Good luck. Dorothy

  3. 3 Nanna

    Sorry to hear you have all been suffering from the usual “bugs” that children get. When they get together it seems they live in a “petrie” dish until they have run through all the bugs and then they start all over again. Hopefully you all build antibodies quickly to withstand the invasion.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon…just a couple more weeks.

    Take care and be well…love to all,

  4. 4 Nanna

    I agree with you Heather about the decorations for Christmas are already everywhere here. I don’t like it…haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet.


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