On To The NEXT Holiday!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween, and are gradually coming down from the sugar high. We had a blast here. We carved some new pumpkins, made some paper towel ghosts to hang out front, and got all dressed up in costumes. (By the way, everyone loved the handmade buckets that Memere made for the kids, THANKS MEMERE!)
Happy Halloween!
The kiddos were swept away in the excitement of it all, and of course, we adults got to be big kids again through them. Barney took control of handing out candy while Chloe and I took the kiddos around the neighborhood. We were out for a good hour, and of course came back to the house with buckets full of treats. Daddy, ever the authoritarian, only let them have one piece each, which was probably a good idea seeing as it was so close to bedtime, but I was SURE he was going to get our house egged because of his strict rules on who he would give candy to. He truly was quite the “Candy Nazi”. You look too old? No candy. Not a good enough costume? No candy. Your friend, who’s driving his bike and letting you ride on the back, and patiently waiting on the sidewalk in front of the house? No candy for him unless he drops his bike in the middle of the sidewalk to block all pedestrian traffic, and drags his ass up here himself. ;) It was pretty amusing. We ended up still having half of our enormous tub of candy because of how many people he wouldn’t hand it out to!
Don’t Touch!
Go check out some pics of our Halloween adventures.

As a completely unrelated aside…are you not amazed at how everyone already has their Christmas stuff out?! Driving to our house to get ready for trick or treating, we passed a store with an ENORMOUS red and green shiny sign that read “Seasons Greetings!” It completely threw me off because I had Halloween on the brain. It kind of irked me to tell you the truth, and made me not want to shop there because they just seemed so desperate to make money on the next season rather than letting everyone enjoy the one that we were supposed to be taking part in at that moment. I dunno, maybe I just love Christmas so much, I hate to see it rushed and ruined. Although, as another aside (mostly for Barney’s sake), I see absolutely nothing wrong with singing Christmas Carols now, or all year for that matter! Bring on the eggnog! ;)

8 Responses to “On To The NEXT Holiday!”

  1. 1 Memere

    Pretty cute! Where did the pumpkin hats come from? They look great!

  2. 2 barneyb

    Candy Nazi my @$$. I only denied four people, and the guy with the bike happily climbed off and got his candy. Phtbtbtbttbt

  3. 3 hmboisvert

    Ha ha ha. Guilty conscience?
    No, I was totally joking. It WAS pretty funny to watch you turn people away though…

  4. 4 Dorothy van Winkle

    oh my goodness, the pic of “one mixed up pirate” sure looks like Barney with funny proportions. yikes!

  5. 5 Auntie Chloe

    Very cute pics! We had a great time! Thanks for taking so many pictures! The series of photos with Owen harassing everyone is hilarious!!!

  6. 6 Carrie

    Oh I love the kiddos in their costumes! So cute! Looks like everyone had a great Halloween!

  7. 7 Nanna

    Heather, great pictures of the children in their costumes…it will be so much fun to look back on as they grow older. I have pictures of Mamma and Fay at that age and they still look cute to me.

    Also, I love the pictures of your visit to the museum, looks like you all had a great time. Great memory building times.


  8. 8 Michele Simmonds

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    We are set scrap pages challenges and there is one on there called silly dressed children.. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I put the title into the address bar and your photo came up. It is very sweet.
    Scrapbookflair advises us we should never just take photos from the internet. I agree entirely, I would never use it without permission.
    I have two children myself but they are now 16 and 20.
    I was wondering if you would give me permission to make a page from the photo of the three children on the sofa. I would make the page, upload it to my sbf site then delete the photo from my pc.
    You can view my pages where I have put the website address. You would also be able to see the page I made from the photo also from that same website address.
    If you give permission, that would be great but if not then I completely understand. Thankyou for your time.
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    With Regards Michele

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