Pumpkin Patch Take Two!

As any and all avid site readers know, Emery, Lindsay and I went to the Pumpkin Patch with Lindsay’s preschool class earlier in the month.  Well, there’s a longstanding tradition of going to Lakeview Farms, another local patch, with friends and family, and then heading over to The Batemans‘ House for a carving party.


Not one to let tradition die, we joined the crew and headed to the patch for some fun getting lost in the corn maze, riding the boat over to the patch, picking out our pumpkins, and riding the train back to our cars.  My mom, ever the adventurer, joined us this year for a muddy good time being lead through the maze by none other than her trusty son-in-law Barney.   Just to install that extra bit of confidence in her, he joked about leaving her in the middle of the maze and running away, laughing maniacally.  But he would never do such a thing (because the rest of us were there to make sure).    ;)  For the most part, our large group stayed together, except for Lindsay and Nick, who took off to conquer the maze hand in hand.  Too cute.  I only managed to snap a few pics, but I know Carrie got a bunch as well, so after you check out our gallery, head on over to her site to see more of our adventure!

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