Canoe Canoe!

We took the kiddos out on the lake in the back yard today. They got to see the ducks, lily pads, and nutria up close and personal, took turns throwing tantrums about giving someone else a turn with the life jackets, and encouraged Barney to “kill the crocagators” that inhabit the lake by slapping his paddle loudly on the water. Go check the pics. Oh, and Barney made a cool slide show thingy in the gallery section which makes it easier to view the photos in completion and with captions if they have any. The button for it is over in the bottom right hand corner of the viewer.  I would recommend letting the gallery load before clicking it just so you don’t run into the problem of the slide show forwarding on to the next pic before the one you’re waiting for has time to load!  You don’t have to click that annoying “next” button over and over again anymore though, which is a nice change. ;) Let us know what you think!

6 Responses to “Canoe Canoe!”

  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    thank you again, heather. dot

  2. 2 Carrie

    Oh my! I go camping for a week and you become a blogging fiend! I just barely finished looking at all the amazing pictures! They are beautiful! So what kind of new camera did you get? You can totally see the improvement in picture quality. Quite impressive. :)

  3. 3 Barney

    You don’t need to worry about waiting for the gallery to load - that was a prerelease bug that I’ve since fixed. When you start the slideshow, the thumbnails will be unqueued from loading, and then be requeued when the slideshow ends (or is stopped).

  4. 4 Auntie Fay

    I love the blogs and the pics…it’s almost like being there. You all look so relaxed and like you’re having so much fun. Wish I was there. Thanks for the slideshow capability, it’s great!!!

  5. 5 Renee

    Heather, your photos are terrific! They make me feel like I was there and indeed I am very sad that Jamie and I were not. The next time (whenever that may be) we’ll surely choose the family reunion over attending a swim meet in Indianapolis. The highlight of my trip: I saw 40 year old Dara Torres set an American record in the 50 m freestyle. There is hope for all of us old folks.

  6. 6 Nick

    Hey guys! I love the pics of Heather & Emery on the boat. He looks a little unsure of himself. Did he inherit Barney’s swimmer gene?

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