The Fruits Of Pepere’s Labor

Are you guys sick of me yet?  If you hadn’t guessed already, we’re testing out a new camera.

Pretty Yellow Flower

I couldn’t help but try out the Macro setting, so you get to suffer through a gallery of mostly flowers, bugs, and veggies.  Don’t know if the image quality will shine through due to website/internet resolution restrictions but enjoy!  :)

4 Responses to “The Fruits Of Pepere’s Labor”

  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    never think anyone is sick of hearing from you or seeing pictures of your wonderful family. i am always so happy to glimpse pics of all y’all. dorothy

  2. 2 Heather

    Great photos again! I like the blueberry header too! Yummy! We miss you guys!!!

  3. 3 Chloe

    Oops. Chloe made that last comment… not Heather!

  4. 4 Auntie Fay

    Love the pictures! I wondered if you were using a new camera. What is it? I want one!!! The colors are so bright and beautiful and the images are really clear. Love it!!!

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