Tiny Dancer

Miss Lindsay had her ballet recital this evening.  Barney, Emery, Auntie Chloe, Uncle Patrick, and Ayden all attended, and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.  Lindsay soaked up the spotlight and was definitely the center of attention.  As soon as she came out on stage, he tried scanning the darkened audience for me, yelling “Mommy?  Mommy!  Miss Aubrey, where’s my mommy sitting?” in a not-so-quiet voice.  But as soon as that music started, she snapped right into her routine, executed it wonderfully, and then proceeded to bounce off the walls until they ushered the girls off stage.  Too funny.  She’s such a ham.  I’m going to try and figure out how to get the video I took off of my camera and onto here for your viewing pleasure.  After all, what’s cuter than a bunch of little girls in tutus with ribbons in their hair, flinging scarves around a stage?  ;)  Until I manage to figure that out, enjoy the pics Barney tried to snap over the heads of the people in front of him!

3 Responses to “Tiny Dancer”

  1. 1 Memere

    Oh, how fun! Looks like she had a good time. No stage fright!!!

  2. 2 Carrie

    Oh I am so sad I missed it! She is too cute for words! Now hurry up with that video so I can witness the live action cuteness!

  3. 3 Dorothy van Winkle

    heather, would you please ask barney to check whatever he did to the website? after it was changed, about a month ago, i have not been able to open a single picture. it is bothering me tremendously that i cannot see pics of my little loved ones. thank you so much. dot

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