Eat your What?

(Barney standing in bathroom, naked, waiting for shower to get hot; Heather lying in bed.)

“I want to eat your ass and die,” says Heather.

“What?” Barney replies.

“I want your ass and thighs.”

“Oh, of course, I’m beautiful.”

(Barney steps into the shower shaking his head.)

2 Responses to “Eat your What?”

  1. 1 hmboisvert

    I feel I better clarify, as that may be taken the wrong way…
    I was remarking that I wish my backside and thighs looked like Barney’s, devoid of fat, every muscle defined. Nothing weird or perverted! ;)
    Carry on….

  2. 2 Carrie

    I read this and was like, “what the…?” Then I realized BARNEY wrote it. Now all is clear. :)

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