A Belated Merry Christmas Internet!

We were so busy making merry this Christmas that I didn’t even have time to post and wish everyone a Happy Holidays! So here it is! Happy Holidays! We actually got to spend Christmas Eve AND Christmas in our OWN house, which was wonderful. Everyone came and stayed here and/or came over bright and early Christmas morning to do the whole stocking, eating of sticky buns, and opening of presents thing. It was a blast, and so much fun to watch all of the kiddos open their gifts. They were, of course, sickeningly spoiled, and won’t be able to find enough hours in the day to play with everything this YEAR! ;) Enjoy the few pics I managed to snap!

2 Responses to “A Belated Merry Christmas Internet!”

  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    thank you for posting all your great pics. i just love checking to see if you’ve posted new ones and i laugh out loud when i see them. keep up the great parenting job both of you are doing. love dot.

  2. 2 Carrie

    Yea for Christmas! Yea for presents! But most of all, yea for pictures!!

    (Thanks for sharing them with us!)

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