Second Star To The Right

Lindsay has spent this entire week telling me all about how she can fly. She insists that she is magical, and that, by thinking good thoughts, she can soar to the stars. Any guesses on what movie she is fascinated with at the moment? Yes, good ol’ Peter Pan. Ever the impressionable child she is, and more dangerously, with the same semiphotgraphic memory her mother has, she can recite the lines and songs of a movie after seeing it only once. She now sings, “Following the leader” every time she’s behind me, and walks around with her arms outstretched beside her as if she’s flying when we go for walks. These are the ok things. But then there are the less desirable immitations. I never noticed how much name calling there is in Disney movies, and I’m beginning to wonder whether or not they’re a good influence on young minds. Especially the older ones! (Not that it’ll stop me from sharing all of my childhood favorites with them) She has now picked up such wonderful phrases as “blundering blockhead”, “poppycock”, and “blithering idiot”, to add to her already colorful insult library from Cinderella. ;) Ah well, I suppose it’s all just part of growing up and learning what’s appropriate to say and what’s not, right? Leave it to me to justify it by declaring it a life lesson. ;)

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  1. 1 Carrie

    That is adorable! And given some of the, uh, colorful language some of our male friends use, I could say there are definately worse things than calling someone a “blundering blockhead!” ;)

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