Hurry Up Ana!

This weekend I threw Carrie her first baby shower (many thanks to Chloe and “The Megans” for help!). We had the perfect sized group, and had a lot of fun. Carrie left with a car packed full of presents and diapers. Barney had to deliver the bassinett to their house this morning, the car was so full! :)

We played the usual embarrassing baby shower games; melt the candy bars in the diapers and make people smell them to guess which one is which, make the mommy-to-be stand in the middle of the room while people guess how many toilet paper squares it would take to wrap around her belly, give people less than a minute to study a tray with about 20 objects on it and then make them compete to see how many things they can remember. You know, all that fun stuff. No, it really was fun.

I forgot to start taking pictures until more than halfway through the shower, but at least I took enough to capture the moment.

Now all there is to do is sit back and wait…wait….wait for little Ana to arrive. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I’m very excited to meet her! Knowing that I’m not having any more babies makes Carrie and Chloe’s next babies my surrogate kiddos. Can’t wait to spoil them! ;)

3 Responses to “Hurry Up Ana!”

  1. 1 Carrie

    A special thanks to all you girls for putting together the baby shower for me! It was so much fun! I still have to organize all my pictures (not to mention the actual gifts!!) so you beat me to posting about the shower!! Thanks again, and yes, now all we have to do is wait on Little Miss Ana….

  2. 2 Megan Q

    Thanks for hosting us Heather - all the decor was wonderful! And I am excited to meet this little gal too…….

  3. 3 Erin

    This looks like it was a lot of fun. Do you mind if I quote you on Parent’s Connect, a parenting website?

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