I’m Still Crawlin’…Ya Ya Ya

Nope.  He’s still not walking.  I’m trying hard not to be impatient, but it’s difficult.

I never had this anticipation with Lindsay.  With her, it was like, "she’ll walk when she walks, who cares"?  But with Emery, I’m just WAITING for the day.  I know everyone tells me not to rush it, that once he walks, I’ll wish he couldn’t.  But it’s SO not true.  It would be wonderful to take them both to a park, and be able to set him down and have him walk himself around instead of pointing to different things and grunting at me to carry him to the next adventure.  And I know Lindsay can’t wait ’til they can play tag, and just run around like crazy monkeys together.  And I KNOW he wants to so badly.  Any time Barney and Lindsay take off, "racing" each other, he goes all stiff and flails his arms and legs and yells after them.  Also, I think walking will help the whole crying when I leave the room issue.  If he could actually follow me at a walk, he might not be so miserable.  He’s just getting too heavy to carry around all the time.

He is attempting to communicate on a more regular basis now though, which is nice.  He uses the same two-note-tone for "thank you", "more please", and "all done", but he is quickly learning the signs for those, and actually using them!  He also now says "MO!" for "more", and "UH" for "up".  It’s only a matter of time before he and Lindsay are arguing in their own strange little language patterns!  ;) 

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  1. 1 Carrie

    So he doesn’t try to crawl after you guys? He just gets all mad? Oh poor little man!! But don’t worry, he will walk when he is good and ready.

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