I’m Still Here!

Wow, I just spent two hours of my life trying to upload photos from the past month and a half, on the universe’s s-l-o-w-e-s-t computer ever.  My computer recently died, so I adopted Chloe’s old one, hoping the fact that it was two years newer than mine would make a difference.  Well, it didn’t.  ;)

I can check my email now, which is more than I can say for my last computer.  The thing is, it takes me an HOUR.  To load a PAGE.  I’m shuddering remembering the days of dial up and slow load times.  Several times this week I have wanted to throw the computer out the upstairs window here.  It’s such a nice, large window, and the crunch of the monitor on the street below would be oh-so-satisfying.  But no, I sat here patiently waiting through error messages, and timeing-out messages, painstakingly uploading each individual picture by hand. 

I definitely think I’m putting NEW COMPUTER on my Christmas Wish List this year.  Nothing fancy, just something that loads pages and programs quickly.  After all, I don’t know how long this patient streak of mine is going to last.  It may only be a matter of days before I finally snap and empty the contents of my desk into the street below. 

So, please excuse me for not titling or captioning the photos you are about to view, but I think that just might have put me into a coma.  Also, I have these things called toddlers, who tend to frown upon their mother sitting with her back to them, staring blankly at a computer screen and intermittently hanging her head in "slow computer depression".

So, I release these photos and will not think of them again.  And no, I will not be going back and captioning them at a later date.  These few galleries will just have to be devoid of words, and hopefully I’ll figure something out soon so that I can get back to blogging and posting pics as normal.  ;)

The first gallery P1010020.JPGis of our Labor Day Weekend at Memere and Pepere’s.  There are pics of our blustery afternoon at the beach, and our lovely bike ride and park time at Fort Stevens State Park.

The second gallery P10100041.JPGis of our trip to OMSI with the MOMS Club.  Not that you hadn’t seen enough pics of OMSI on this site, but there are some new faces and cute photos in there.

The third gallery is of our recent walk in the Portland Race For The Cure.  This was a great experience, although I’m planning on doing the 5K RUN next year, just so that we don’t have to waitP10100491.JPG an hour after start time JUST TO CROSS THE START LINE!  It was pretty funny that we ran into so many people we knew, when there were over 40,000 people there!  We actually bumped right into Carrie’s sister and niece while walking, and took a pic to prove it!  ;)  We also ran into Adam and his family, a former high school classmate, and good friend of Carrie’s.  Maybe I’ll have to get Carrie to come walk/run with us next year so she can say hi to everyone herself.  ;)

The final gallery P1010069.JPGis of our trips to the parks around here this past month.  There are lots of pics of the kiddos and the cousins for your viewing pleasure.  Oh, there’s also a few pics of our trip to the nature park on a recent rainy day.  We took a change of clothes for everyone, put on our boots, and headed out to have some puddle stomping fun.  Great way to spend a gloomy day here in the NW.


3 Responses to “I’m Still Here!”

  1. 1 Memere

    Wonderful!!!! Thanks for so many great pics. I think I’ll send Susan one from the Walk. Jerry told her you were walking in her honor.

    A new computer is a wise item to ask Santa for. Time to get that Wish List going!!!

  2. 2 Carrie

    Wow! So many great pictures! No wonder you have been so busy lately. I am also incredibly jealous that you went puddle jumping. I haven’t done that in years! ;)
    Oh and don’t worry about titles/captions on all your pictures, I’d say 99.9% of them are pretty self-explanatory. Like my site says, a picture says a thousand words.

  3. 3 Dorothy van Winkle

    i will say i wondered why there was nothing since e’s bday. now i know why. thanks for sending the pics. such fun. how much do i owe for my sponsorship for your walk, and probably peggy’s walk also? i just love getting to look at your family. e has hair now! love to you all and make sure you tell barney i said so. dotty

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