Lindsay the Musician

Lindsay got a pile of percussion instruments for her birthday (thanks Aunt Dot), and we dug them all out last night and between the four of us, made an amazing racket.  Even Emery helped out, and wasn’t scared of the cacophony at all, which was a pleasant surprise.

This evening, Lindsay dug them all out again, and was playing with Heather on the floor.  After a request for Oscar Meyer Wiener on the kazoo, Heather went right into Jingle Bells while shaking the little "bell guy" in time with the music.  After banging the tambourine with the maracas for a while, Lindsay picks him up, starts spastically shaking him, and sings Jingle Bells herself.  Note that while she’s gotten pretty good about the different tones, the rythym is, how do you say, lacking.  Pretty funny though.

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  1. 1 Carrie

    Quite funny indeed. So where is the sound clip of her “skills?”

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