I was trying to get a pic of both kiddos sitting together, to make a new skin for our site, but it proved to be rather difficult.  Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!Now that Emery is arching backwards when he leans against something, it’s a little difficult for Lindsay to keep ahold of him!  I’ll try again sometime this week.  Hey, at least you’re getting some pictures out of the failed attempts, right?  ;)

2 Responses to “Munchkins”

  1. 1 Memere

    OMG! Em looks SO old!!!!

    Have fun with taking pics. And do continue sharing the ones that don’t work. We love to see them.

  2. 2 Carrie

    Oh. My. God. That is just about the cutest thing ever. See how much she loves her little brother?! :)

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