The Lindsay Files

While we were enjoying Thanksgiving with our close and extended
family last week, Chloe brought her little bird, Tito, downstairs to
hang out with everyone.  After flying around the room a bunch,
which I might add made Lindsay laugh hysterically, he settled on
Spencer’s shoulder.  Lindsay raced over to the couch Spencer and I
were sitting on and I told her, "Look sweetie, Tito’s sitting on
Spencers shoulder.  Isn’t that cute?"  She moved around my
legs, studied Tito for a moment, and then looked at me with an
all-knowing, slightly condescending expression on her face and replied,
"ACTUALLY he’s standing on his shoulder mommy." and nodded with her eyebrows raised and chin tucked.

Well excuuuuuuse me.  ;)  Cheeky thing.  I
couldn’t help laughing.  I know this is just the beginning of
being corrected by my far-too-intelligent-for-her-own-good
daughter.  And she’s not even two yet!  Yikes.

time I change Emery now, while she helps me wipee him down, she tells
me that boys have a "PEEE-nis" and girls have "an-TEN-na". 

Then, just this afternoon while we were all having lunch
together, as Barney poured her some juice she told us, matter of
factly, "Juice going poop and pee-pee."  Too funny. 

2 Responses to “The Lindsay Files”

  1. 1 Carrie

    Oh I just love the little one conversation! Such fun times ahead…

  2. 2 Memere

    An addition to the Lindsay files -
    At lunch today, she asked where Pepere had gone. I told her he was going potty. When he came out of the bathroom, Lindsay spoke quite matter-of-factly, “Pepere’s not stinky any more.”

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