Our Little Man

So we’re sitting on the couch before putting Lindsay to bed, and
Heather’s got Emery sitting on her lap, facing out.  The TV’s on,
and all is peaceful.

As some backstory, Emery’s finally started
making intentional vocalizations, both in response to things he likes,
and talking from others.  Smiling too.

So Heather starts
flipping channels, and during the course of a relatively brief span of
time, he makes three distinct "happy" noises.  They coincided with
crocodiles, Ted Nugent, and steak.  Our little boy.

2 Responses to “Our Little Man”

  1. 1 Memere

    Thanks! I love the little glimpses into your lives.

  2. 2 Carrie

    Interesting, very interesting….

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