The Daddy Report (As Titled by Heather)

I finally uploaded our photos from the past week into two new galleries, cleverly named Emery @ Hospital and Emery @ Home.  The Emery Isaac
gallery that Chloe posted for us last weekend included through the
post-op recovery room, and the @ Hospital gallery is from the
‘permanent’ room where they stayed until Sunday.

All’s well, as
near as can be told.  He’s still a little yellowish from the
newborn jaundice, but still seems well.  Try to get him some sun
this weekend, since that’s supposed to help.

Heather’s also doing
quite well.  Still has to be careful with the scar, but it’s
healing well, and aside from the cuts, seems to be pretty much back to
100%.  Or at least as close to 100% as can be expected while
nursing a 1 week old who only ever sleeps four hours at a time. 
We’ll see how quickly the tiredness catches up after Memere leaves next
weekend and she has to chase Lindsay around as well. ; )

One week down, a few thousand to go.  More updates will be coming, but we’re still settling in…

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  1. 1 Carrie

    Glad to hear that all is well! And I love all the pictures!! He is getting so big and cuter every day. Yea!!!

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