So we’re all sitting on the floor while the lasagna finishes
cooking.  We’ve flipped through the "Big Book" numerous times, and
while Lindsay repeatedly kissed the racoons, I started playing with a
couple quaters I had in my pocket.  Needless to say, Lindsay
wanted them, and so I gave them to her.  She decided that one was
enough, and dropped the other one, and climbed into her "couch". 
Picking up the other one, I reached over and "pulled it out of her
ear".  Very unimpressed, though she gladly took it from me.

little later, Heather was playing the "put my hands behind my back, put
the quarter in one, and make Lindsay guess which hand" game.  That
only takes one quater, of course, and after a few runs, Lindsay sat
down, and Heather asked her where the other quarter was (I had it in my
hand, having picked it up a bit earlier).  She looks around
briefly…….. "Ear?"  Needless to say, the quarter magically
appeared from her ear again.

2 Responses to “Ear?”

  1. 1 Memere

    What a smart girl!!!!

  2. 2 Carrie

    How cute is that??? I love it!!

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