Gimme A Head With Hair….

Well folks, he finally did it.  After several weeks of me
"gently suggesting" that Barney trim up his hair and beard, he went
ahead with it.  He tried to punish me by leaving various parts of
his beard/mustache, making himself look like some sort of scary Back
Street Boy.  I wish I’d taken pictures of that, but alas, I didn’t
think about it ’til he finally shaved it all off for good. 

I did however have to hear about it for days after he cut it.  "My
face is cold"  "I couldn’t sleep last night because my head was
too cold"  "I’m going to freeze my ass off on my bike now"  I
guess that’s what I get for nagging him about it for so long.  ;)

Here is a Before and After shot for your viewing pleasure.  There are a few more pics of the adventure in the March Gallery if you’re interested.  I think you look wonderful sweetie!

4 Responses to “Gimme A Head With Hair….”

  1. 1 Uncle Richard

    Barney You look much better with long hair and a beard. Don’t listen to your wife :)

  2. 2 Peggy

    It is spring now, but sheep aren’t supposed to be shorn until April! I liked the long hair, but clean shaven is better.

  3. 3 Carrie

    Bravo Heather!! You were finally able to tame the wild beast!! I think it looks a million times better short.

    On the hair topic, why is it that hair is so lovely and beautiful when it’s on your head, but as soon as it hits the ground it’s so gross? Those pictures of the “pile of hair” made my stomach lurch!

  4. 4 Chloe

    Thank GOD and BRAVO, are my two main comments about the hair cut. I have to say that I would much prefer an employee with the “after” haircut showing up to work at my business, than someone with the “before” mountain man look. ‘nuf said.

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