Blah de la Barney

I just realized that I neglected to restart my newsreader (I use SharpReader,
a very nice little .NET app) after I rebooted a couple weeks ago, and
have consequently completely missed the past two weeks of blog
activity.  So it is that I am writing about Heather’s "Blah" post from the 9th a week late.

I just wanted to reassure everyone that Heather was, in fact, a
nauseated, bi-polar, forgetful, ice cream and dill pickles scarfing,
lunatic with Lindsay.  And as for not showing until 6 months,
well, that’s just as much of a lie.  I recall her wearing her
rubber banded pants for quite a while last time, before busting out the
maternity capris.  It’s amazing what she has forgotten in a year
and a half.  ;)

Fortunately, just about the time Lindsay started to affect her balance
enough that she would run into things when she intended to go around
them, all the symptoms except forgetfulness disappeared.  Needless
to say, it was a welcome change for me, since I have to live with her
and her insanity.  Thankfully, she’s recently started hitting door
frames again, so it’s nearing that time in Hangnail’s run.

2 Responses to “Blah de la Barney”

  1. 1 Memere

    You two, three, FOUR, are so funny!!! There’s enough love and stability in your relationship to warrent such blogs.

    Very entertaining for us too.

    Love ya!

  2. 2 Carrie

    Since when has Heather been known NOT to forget things? That is just part of her charm! ;)

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