Heather’s madly working on a bunch of photos from the past couple weeks.  Currently there’s just the December 2004 II
gallery with 10 photos, but it’ll have some more added, and there
should be a Christmas gallery coming along at some point as well. 
She’ll post when it’s all ready to go, but I thought I’d make a mention
about the obvious changes to the way the galleries are listed.

Up until now, Heather and I built all the galleries using a couple
pieces of software on my PowerBook.  But now that I’m finished
with the all-online setup for Chloe and Peggy to use, Heather can do
the whole thing herself, without need for any technical help from me
(the old process worked well, but was far from simple). 
Unfortunately, the two ways are quite incompatible, so all the "old"
galleries had to be removed from the sidebar before the new galleries
could be displayed.  The old galleries are still available, you
just have to go to the full gallery list to get to them.

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